No one to support an octogenarian after a fall?Hechuan court so resolved!

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Recently, the Hechuan Court sanhui court judge to a village in Shitan town to carry out circuit trial, successfully resolved a dispute over support.Case review nearly 8 days long mother-in-law lives in a village lion beach town.In 1966, Long married Yuan And gave birth to a son, Yuan Mou Fei.After Yuan’s death, Long married Lu in 1998 and adopted a daughter, Lu.In recent years, long mother-in-law accidentally injured a leg and a hand due to illness, walking inconvenience, life is difficult to take care of themselves, need special care.Long mother-in-law’s children Yuan Mou Fei, Lu Mou Ling have been married, did not live with them.Now because the elderly need to take care of, two people dispute.The dragon mother-in-law then sued the two people to the court.After receiving the case, the judge of Sanhui Court decided to carry out the circuit trial in the local area in order to make the old lady run less, considering that she was old and inconvenient to travel, and at the same time, he could also use the case to popularize relevant legal knowledge to the nearby villagers.That day, in the party’s home, the judge line after a simple arrangement, set up a circuit court, the judge, the parties and so on in turn sat in front of a small wooden table.The case has not been heard, the masses have gathered around.In the trial, the judge patiently to Yuan Mou Fei, Lu Mou Ling explain the law, pointed out that supporting parents is the legal obligation of children should do, if shirk responsibility does not fulfill obligations, will be severely punished by the law.Subsequently, the judge to Yuan Mou Fei, Lu Mou Ling spoke of reason, “people will have an old, you should also set an example to the younger generation, when you are old and hope their children how to treat themselves?”After listening to the judge, the crowd also tried to persuade the two people.A law a feeling, under the guidance of the judge, persuasion, Yuan Mou fei, Lu Mou Ling also gradually realized their mistakes and reached an agreement on the maintenance of mother matters, by Yuan Mou fei responsible for the life of the dragon mother-in-law, Lu Mou Ling monthly pay dragon mother-in-law living expenses 1000 yuan.At this point, the dispute has been successfully resolved.Source: Chongqing Hechuan Court