Croatia has bought 89 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles from the United States for $196 million

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The Croatian government has approved the purchase of 89 used Bradley M2A2 infantry fighting vehicles for the Croatian Army in a partnership valued at approximately $196 million.Sixty-two of the 89 Bradley infantry Fighting vehicles are for scale-up, while the remaining 27 are for spare parts vehicles (disassembly vehicles), which are expected to be delivered to the Croatian Army between 2023 and 2027.This is not the first time That Croatia has purchased Bradley INFANTRY Fighting vehicles. In December 2020, Croatia purchased 76 Bradley infantry Fighting vehicles (second-hand refurbished vehicles) from the United States for $757 million, including 84 M240 machine guns, 2,000 TOW missiles and several M257 smoke grenade launchers.Car radio, etc.Croatian Defence Minister Mario Barnozic said: “As a reliable member of NATO, the Republic of Croatia will contribute to the achievement of NATO’s strategic objectives through the purchase of Bradley vehicles, thus contributing to NATO’s deterrence and defence as well as collective defence.In addition to confirming our strategic partnership with our US partners, the greater value of the project lies in the involvement of Dullo Dakovich Special Vehicle Factory in the maintenance of the Bradley fighting Vehicle.Minister Mario Barnozic added that the Bradley vehicles were donated by the United States from the Surplus Defense Supplies (EDA) program, the principle of which is to provide a total package including vehicles, weapons, ammunition, communications and information equipment, tools and training.”The United States is pleased to provide Croatia, our close ally and partner, with these vehicles, which will be refurbished and upgraded with U.S. funding.Croatia’s Bradley plan is an investment in our common security.Regarding the Bradley IFV purchase program, Barnozic noted that the U.S. government has proposed a five-year repayment plan with a 50 percent down payment upon contract signing.The remainder will be paid in installments depending on the final repayment period.The United States contributed $51.1 million to the purchase.Bradley infantry Fighting vehicles entered service with the U.S. Army in 1982. There are more than 2,000 of them in service, more than 500 of which are the same configuration sold to Croatia.The configuration is the same as that used by the Minnesota National Guard, which will work closely with Croatia for 25 years through the National Partnership Program (SPP) designed to help integrate, train and maintain Bradley’s capabilities.