Coach interpretation of Su Yiming no champion: there is a small problem in the prop area, proud of him!

2022-06-14 0 By

Chinese snowboarder Su Yiming took the second place in the men’s slopestyle final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 7.Winning the silver medal was a big breakthrough for Su, but the disappointment of missing out on the gold medal also made many people feel bad for Su.There were many who felt that Su’s performance fully deserved a gold medal, and that silver was not a fair result.After the match, Su’s coach Sato analyzed his disciple from a professional point of view. In his opinion, Su’s winning the silver medal was a fair result. He did not question the referee, but looked for the reason from Su herself.Coach Sato believes that Su has a bit of a problem in the prop area, which led to his points deduction.Coach Sato was proud of Su’s flawless performance as a first-time Olympian.Despite losing the slopestyle title, Su still has a chance to win gold at the Olympics.In the men’s platform competition, which starts on February 14, Su yiming will still have a shot at the championship.