CCTV’s appeal has been heeded, and China’s tech giants continue to fight

2022-06-14 0 By

In recent years, the rapid development of China’s high technology is obvious to all. Whether it is aerospace or communication technology, China has been in the forefront of global competition.However, in order to consolidate its hegemony in science and technology, the United States has deliberately carried out multiple rounds of bottomless pressure on Huawei and other high-tech Chinese enterprises. It has not only revised chip rules and cut off huawei’s chip supply channels, but also instigated American enterprises and enterprises using American technologies to encircle China.Under such circumstances, Apple started its plan to move its industrial chain out of the Chinese market.According to public information, Apple kicked 34 Chinese companies out of its supply chain in 2021, which hurt domestic suppliers in the climbing stage.After being dumped by Apple, for example, Its net profit margin fell by more than 90%, taking a $2.7 billion hit.To this end, the central media issued an appeal: domestic enterprises to diversify the layout, get rid of apple dependence.In fact, the fundamental reason why Apple can exert a great influence on Chinese enterprises in the supply chain is its perfect and huge supply system. In other words, the most direct way for us to get rid of apple dependence is to strengthen the domestic supply chain.The good news is that the appeal of central media has been paid attention to. Xiaomi, the domestic tech giant, continues to make efforts to feed its domestic supply chain through its industrial advantages and investment, which to a large extent drives domestic suppliers to keep pace.According to public information, The Xiaomi Group has invested in more than 360 domestic suppliers, and the Xiaomi Foundation has also invested in more than 100 domestic innovative companies, covering a number of key areas such as analog semiconductors, communication technology and high-end manufacturing.It is worth emphasizing that, under the leadership of Lei Jun, in fact, Millet determined the corresponding development route from the beginning of its establishment.Since 2014, Xiaomi’s supply chain model has been recognized by the industry, and “Xiaomi” has achieved rapid development. Now there are more than 100 iron troops in Xiaomi’s ecological chain.According to the idea of lei jun, millet to the enterprises in the supply chain to create the 3-4 listed companies, that is, are now created than imagine several million, must level “hot style” suppliers of cooperation, such as China, stone, cloud, etc., of which 9 and stone is now worth reached 50 billion and 100 billion respectively.Different from other Internet companies, Domestic tech giant Xiaomi’s support for its suppliers is not only about money and traffic, but also about values, talents, channels and supply chain resources with finer granularity, which are exactly what suppliers need most.Of course, there are also mutual achievements between Xiaomi and its suppliers. Xiaomi can now have a perfect ecological chain, which is due to Lei Jun’s vision.Obviously, under the leadership of excellent domestic technology enterprises such as Xiaomi, the domestic market is bound to get rid of the supply chain dependence on Apple and other overseas enterprises as soon as possible.In this regard, foreign media sighed: China’s rise in science and technology is blocked, although the sino-US science and technology game is not over, but the victory has been won!Today’s China needs money, needs people, needs systems, and is led by huawei, Xiaomi and other top technology companies. It is obviously invincible.