100km acceleration in 7 seconds and fuel consumption in 5 litres, Ruihu 8 PLUS E + is worth 160,000

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I was very anxious when I first got my hands on the Chery Tiger 8 PLUS E +.It features chery’s latest plug-in hybrid system, the “kunpeng E +,” with one engine, two electric motors and a three-gear transmission.These gadgets work together to achieve 9 working states and 11 gear combinations, officially known as “3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes and 11 speeds”.Because it was so complicated, I wanted to try my best to feel clear, lest I should miss some condition, just like in high school when SOLVING permutation and combination problems.I was relieved when I finally realized that the system had matured to the point where switching between modes was seamless.Instead of chasing clues like a detective, enjoy the smooth, powerful acceleration of the new-age powertrain.After years of efforts, the hybrid level of independent brands has reached a new height in 2022.Byd’s DM-I/DM-P was first launched to set an example for the industry, followed by the Great Wall Lemon hybrid DHT, and then to Changan iDD, Geely Thor hybrid DHT.Chery responded with a kunpeng E +.If you want to dig deeper into the logic of how the system works, you can refer to a paragraph I copied from a colleague’s technical analysis article.In pure electric mode of single motor, motor 1 and engine do not work, and motor 2 drives the vehicle in gear 1.Double motor pure electric mode, the engine does not work, motor 1 in gear 1, motor 2 in gear 2 jointly drive the vehicle;In series range extension mode, the engine drives motor 1 to generate electricity and charge the battery, and motor 2 drives the vehicle in third gear.In parallel drive mode, the engine and motor 1 jointly drive the vehicle in first gear and motor 2 in neutral, or the engine and motor 1 in second gear and motor 2 in third gear;In direct engine drive mode, motor 1, motor 2 and power battery do not work. Engine + motor 1 drives the vehicle in gear 2, and motor 2 is in neutral.In parking charging mode, motor 1 is driven by the engine to generate electricity to charge the battery, and motor 2 is in neutral.When charging, the engine drives the motor 1 to charge the battery, while driving the vehicle with the motor 2;In dual-motor manufacturing energy recovery mode, the two motors simultaneously generate reverse torque, which acts as a generator to charge the battery.Tiger 8 PLUS KUNpeng E + has a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 115kW and a peak torque of 230N·m.Both motors are front-mounted. Motor 1 has a maximum power of 55kW and a peak torque of 160N·m, while motor 2 has a maximum power of 70kW and a peak torque of 155N·m.The comprehensive maximum power of the whole system is 240kW, the comprehensive maximum torque is 565N·m, front wheel drive, 100km acceleration of 7 seconds, pure electric range of 100km.The battery is ternary lithium with a capacity of 19.27kwh and a charging power of roughly 8-14kW.My friends, what happens when 240 kilowatts (over 300 horsepower) of 565N·m is unleashed on the front wheels?The answer is torque steering.It was inevitable, even though the entire test drive was running out of power.Low speed straight driving, as long as the throttle step a little deeper, the head is bound to be pulled to the side, if the oil when turning, you can enjoy the whole car thrown to the corner of the “driving fun”.All in all, with such power, the movement of the right foot needs to be restrained.Once you know its temperament, you can enjoy the power that comes with electric assistance.At speeds below 80km/h, it doesn’t feel like a car that can go 100km in seven seconds, it feels faster — which trams tend to give the illusion.However, in the 80km/h back, the acceleration will gradually weaken, especially 120km/h throttle in the end to speed up, can obviously feel that the power system needs to change two gears, but also at this time of acceleration and ordinary 1.5T SUV almost.Of course, this is in the state of low power, theoretically sufficient battery, high-speed acceleration ability will be stronger.Why did I say two shifts?Because this process is not a one-time completion, not a drop of two blocks, but a drop, found not enough, drop again.In fact, I’m not entirely sure if the gearbox actually changed gear twice during this process, because there are other connections in the system, but I’m sure that the body felt two slight bumps.In addition, the system is smooth, whether single motor direct drive, dual motor direct drive, combined oil-electric drive or engine direct drive, it is difficult to judge from the motion sense, only from the engine and motor readings on the instrument.Moreover, NVH control is also very good when the engine is involved, with no vibration felt on the accelerator pedal or steering wheel.Its kinetic energy recovery has three levels of adjustment, switch the lever to B gear.But the difference was small, and the strongest was nowhere near the point of single-pedal mode.After the fuel is collected, however, the system automatically switches gears to adjust the kinetic energy recovery intensity, which is included in the 9 mode 11 speed mentioned at the beginning.This phenomenon is hard for the body to detect by looking at the kinetic energy recovery power displayed on the meter.It also has an interesting feature called brake pitch suppression.It can be adjusted in the central control screen, even with off and high and low sensitivity adjustment.However, I tried to brake with different strength at various speeds and tried these three levels, but I didn’t feel any obvious difference. The braking and nodding movements were all relatively large.Moreover, in the absence of a clear distinction, the adjective high and low sensitivity becomes an obsession in itself.Does high sensitivity mean high brake sensitivity and a nod at touch, or high pitch suppression sensitivity and trigger suppression at touch?On this point, I would suggest chery either rephrase it in an unambiguous way or put a line next to the switch.Other parts of the drive are also commendable.Steering feel is good, obviously better than Chang ‘an, Geely, the middle position is not empty, large Angle direction of the proportional sense is relatively gradual.Chassis filter vibration is not stiff, a kind of flexible high-level feeling, but there is no soft uncomfortable, the overall comfort is as good as Hao Shadow, Velanda, etc.Mute performance is also excellent, the front row double soundproof glass to contribute to this.As for fuel consumption, according to the official data, it can achieve the fuel consumption of 5L/100km. According to the result of our fuel consumption test, it is even better than the official data. If you are interested, you can check the fuel consumption test details on the new car rating website.Besides being a pleasure to drive, the front seats are comfortable.The seat cushion is wide enough and long enough, the seat back fits and supports well, and the adjustable clamped headrest makes it hard to fall asleep when parking the seat.This function is relatively rare in the car at present, Chery is very considerate, and the front and rear four seats have this kind of headrest, praise.However, the seats in the middle row (this is a seven-seater model) support Angle adjustment, but the cushion is a little short.As for the back seat, it is barely usable. The seat cushion is angled at the right Angle to reduce the “bench feeling”, but the back of the seat is too close to the tail window, which is easy to head up.It can be said that this Tiger 8 PLUS E + has been relatively perfect in the aspects of opening and sitting, but there is still room for optimization in some small details in the compartment.For example, the bottom of the baffle bar was hollowed out to make a large storage space, which was good, but there was no light inside, so I could only get dark at night, which was very inconvenient, so I didn’t want to put my belongings there for several days during the test drive.In addition, there are too few storage compartments for small items, which can only be stacked in the cup holder of the center console.If Chery gets the details of everyday use right as well as the machinery right, there’s really nothing wrong with it.As I was driving home one evening, listening to the music from the 8-speaker SONY, I was struck with emotion.This car is just over 160,000!That’s not even the lowest price you can get on a Toyota RAV4, but it’s a very good experience.It no longer has the rough power texture of a domestic car at its price point, a loose, cheap chassis and many features that a joint venture can’t.Domestic brand car, really on a big step.