The use of the high pressure breeding box is simple and convenient, and roots can grow in less than a month

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Hi, everyone, this is to buy high pressure rooting box on the Internet, if the cutting branches are not alive, you can try the high pressure box propagation method, use is also very convenient and simple, please give me a long point of praise, I will put the method and experience, share with you.This is a lemon tree, this variety is the four seasons perfume lemon, the fruit is bigger than the general lemon, the peel taste is sweet, no bitter taste, there is a high citric acid, because of its juice aroma, so it has the title of perfume lemon, used for slicing water, making juice, the market demand is also very large.First select branches must grow strong branches, there are about 0.8 cm thick the best fit, cut off the branches of leaf blade, and then to strip off the skin of the branches, with a knife ring shell parts cut a knife, up and down the ring in the middle of the ring shell parts, with a knife, knife gently on this convenient bark, in give clean shave their residual cambium.Lemon tree is a small tree of rutaceaceae citrus, citrus plants, as long as the soil is loose and breathable, can easily root, so high pressure soil, just some coconut bran soil can, coconut bran water retention and moisture, but also good air permeability.Put the soil in a pressure box, close it around the peeling area, and fasten it tightly. The advantage of this pressure box is that it is convenient and leaves a small hole for watering, which keeps the soil moist inside.Then put it in a well-ventilated environment with plenty of light and let it sit for 20 days to take root.Now it’s day 25, and the branch that was raised in a high-pressure box is now outside, and you can see that the root system inside is full and strong, and then you can cut it off from the mother tree, and you can plant it in a pot, and you have a big lemon tree.The advantage of high pressure propagation is that a large seedling can be produced quickly while the original quality remains the same.High pressure box has many advantages, first of all, it will not fail because of water shortage, and the root distribution in the box is more uniform.Ok, that’s all for this article. If it’s helpful, please remember to like it and bookmark it.I’ll see you next time.