Men 1000 women 500 South Korean team annihilation Wang Meng revealed the reason really relieved

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Short track speed skating ended the men’s 1,000-meter and women’s 500-meter events with one of the strongest nations in the sport, South Korea, surprising both the men’s and women’s teams.Commentary Wang Meng pointed out two reasons directly in the live broadcast, one of which is the Korean team black material too much, we can dig a dig, but don’t dig out the bottom of the family.Ren Ziwei won the 1,000m gold medal in the individual short track speed skating competition, China’s second gold medal at the Winter Olympics.But as Wang Meng says, anything can happen in short track.As expected, false start, fall and foul frequently appeared in the competition. Even in the men’s 1000 meters final, there was a slide half to stop all the athletes and re-match the scene.But in the men’s 1000 and women’s 500, South Korea, one of the strongest short-track speed skaters, was wiped out and none of its team members even made it to the final.In one of the funniest moments of the men’s 1,000m heat, a South Korean skater celebrated making it to the final with his hands shaking after sprinting.However, after the scene of the old man with white hair referee through the review of the competition process, found that he crossed the line in the process of skating knocked down The Hungarian player Liu Shaolin, was eventually disqualified.Another competitor dropped his wrist and was unable to continue the race on a stretcher.The South Korean women’s 500-meter runner slid off the track on her own, leaving no South Korean team in the final.Commentator Wang Meng turned into a super referee this time, many times when athletes foul to the point to help the audience to explain the reason, many times the scene has not come out the final result, Wang Meng has relied on his own eyes and experience to give judgment.Wang meng gave two reasons for South Korea’s absence in the men’s 1,000-meter and women’s 500-meter events. The first was that the Team had been doing too many moves before, and this time, the more advanced dynamic video replay system was introduced, so many of South Korea’s out-and-out moves could not be used.To this Huang Jianxiang asked as a layman, Wang Meng answered the special relief: The Korean team black material is too much, we can dig a dig, but don’t dig out the bottom of the family.And the second reason is that after the 2018 Olympic winter games in pyeongchang, because in the foul and too much during the match, the isu opened a landmark meeting, to make a lot of foul action, the referee shall have the right to remember that there was a problem of the game, after the game with multi-angle playback system back to see, and then judge who is fouled.The South Korean men’s players thought that the small movement is hidden but did not escape the penalty, and in the final, Hungary’s Liu Shaolin was also fined for two small movements, the gold medal was canceled, Ren Ziwei won!This just is come out mix sooner or later want to return, of the perfect rule and the progress of science and technology let always like to make small action Korea person nowhere escape, those once be black although the gold medal cannot return come back, but at least Beijing winter Olympics meeting Korea team won’t be so arrogant!