Lost to Vietnam, Dong Lu and others began to gloat, Li Xiaopeng reuse naturalized players is a failure?

2022-06-13 0 By

China failed to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup after losing 3-1 to Vietnam in the round of 12 last night.After the game, Titan Sports quoted Vietnam’s Youth Daily as saying that there was no luck in the Vietnamese team’s victory, while China’s use of naturalization was a failure.In the 12-strong match with the Vietnamese team, Li Xiaopeng arranged naturalized players Alan, Luo Guofu starting, the results after the break was Zhang Yuning, Wei Shihao replaced.Vietnam “Youth Daily” reporter said, two naturalized players started, so that the Chinese team attack tactics on the rhythm is not very strong, and Vietnam’s defense by the midfield players active support, which makes the Chinese team attack players feel confused, leading to a not coordinated stage, it is difficult to complete the strategy of aerial bombing.Coach Piao Hengxu of the Vietnamese team studied the playing method of the Chinese team very carefully, and soon found that the way of attack of the Chinese team was not clear enough, so he took the initiative in dealing with it, which made the naturalized players of the Chinese team angry for many times, thus leading to greater confusion of the whole team.Vietnamese reporters believe that throughout the match the Vietnamese team played better, more calm, more decisive, the final victory did not have luck, from now on, The Vietnamese team will have a new self-confidence, only in this way can be on par with those strong teams.In the future, Vietnam can win against teams like China many times, even though they know they are not really at the level to surpass their opponents.When The National football Team lost 3-1 to Vietnam, Dong Lu, who had been silent for a long time, began to show his ghost head and became active again. Facing the humiliating defeat of the Chinese team, he began to gloat over the disaster. He made a sarcastic comment on the social media.But I really did not expect his emotional intelligence “high” to the hell can adapt to the whole China diode, ball blind thinking command The Chinese national team, I read the wrong person, I apologize!And, he added sarcastically, those who blindly touted naturalized players, those who disdained Li Tie’s leadership, those who thought China could kick them out, those who hurled abuse at me — today, where are your faces?Alan and guo-fu luo against Vietnam has shown the best state to coach Li Xiaopeng has explained the reason, he thinks, naturalized players campaign, before the training status is very good, but do not have big games for a long time, has a great influence on their status, naturalized players have already do our best, although there is no harvest, but their performance is worth admiring.Although the two foreigners were disappointing against Vietnam, they were very good against Australia, Saudi Arabia and Oman, especially Luo Guofu. Even the People’s Daily published a commentary praising his fighting spirit, while Dong lu and others chose to ignore it.Once the national football team reuse naturalized players, and the results are not ideal, dong Lu flow began to jump jump, began to gloat, began to upsurge irony, this is not only too double standard, but also a character of the problem, but also hope Dong Lu “Dong Qiu Wang” repent!