Born in the underworld, the southern and northern dynasties known as Xiang Yu reborn Gao Ao Cao, why teammates killed?

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In the later period of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, there was a legendary figure who was called Xiang Yu reborn, but he died of embarrassment. He was chased by a large group of enemy soldiers and finally reached the gate of his house, but his teammates refused to open the gate and happily watched his head beheaded at the gate.As for the reasons, there are two: The Times and personality.Even in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, gao Aocao was a complete “freak”.When he was young, he was very much like what we now call “triad elements”, and he embarked on this road, not ordinary people imagine forced by life, go astray, but from the bone born love, indulge in this line.Gao Aocao, high, his father called high wing, there are two brother name is gao gan, Gao Shen respectively, the family is all some standard of tiger: northern wei dynasty six town uprising, the government depends on local strongmen to hold on to power, thus has a history of fame, said “hao have fengshen” high wing is thanks to the bohai sea satrap, spent later promoted to east jizhou secretariat.In ancient times, the so-called “heroes” are actually similar to today’s gangsters.When he was young, he liked to act chivalrous and break the law became normal.After a little older, a little convergence, become “stable” – no longer fighting, but light money heavy justice, purposeful make friends with heroes, from a gangster to temperament big man.During this period, he got to know yuanziyou, the vassal of the Northern Wei Dynasty;Is the name of his second Gao Shen alternative, he likes reading, personality stable, adult life in politics, but this does not mean that he is a kind, he is said to have an place for harsh, ling pressure when people, in the court also nothing is taboo, often upset people, was later because the petty Gao Huan scolded a few times, had defected to the room in a fit of pique wei, personality is so bright.And Gao Ao Cao, can be said to excel in blue, is the family idiosyncratic epitome.In this aspect of bold, he can be called the power of his father and brother enhanced version, from childhood has always been a bold and free and easy, bold appearance, like a fiery horse that no one can control.To clear up this son, high wing does not hesitate to spend big price to ask a famous teacher to go out, ask the teacher to gao Ao Cao should beat beat, never soft hand.Gao Aocao was still making trouble everywhere. He even said, “Men should run amok and get rich by themselves. Who can sit and study and be an old doctor?”When he was a little older, he would follow his elder brother to attract outlaws, looting homes and houses everywhere, riding roughshod over one party, no one dared to provoke.How aggressive are the brothers?Gao Gan to rich and powerful family bo Ling Cui family proposal was rejected, the brothers directly turned, killed cui home robbed the girl.Just ran out of Cui Zhuang, Gao Aocao on the roadside agitate brother overlord hard bow, cui home girl into his sister-in-law.As a result of the high brothers do all kinds of evil, can be said to be the local number one black evil forces, father high wing is often implicated, is not caught in prison, is caught on the road.The desperate old father once said, “My four sons are all fugitives. I wonder if I will have any sons to feed me after I die.”In halcyon times, High Wing was right to worry;But with the collapse of the Northern Wei, men like the Gao brothers became the hot property of The Times and were later promoted to official positions.So after Gao Yi died, Gao Aocao deliberately raised a grave: “You were afraid that no one would add soil to you after your death. Now you know what I can do!”Gao’s rise benefited from the rebellion of six towns in the late Northern Wei dynasty.In 528, ge Rong, the leader of an insurrection army, marched through Hebei. The Gao brothers thought this was the time for their hero to make a name for himself.Soon after, hearing that his old friend Yuanziyou (emperor Xiaozhuang) had been appointed emperor, Gao Gan surrendered to the imperial court with his men.Several brothers have been appointed official, among them, Gao Ao Cao was appointed as straight spread riding lang, wucheng county seal bo.This shows how important it is to make friends with powerful people and broaden your network.However, Er Zhu Rong, who was actually in charge at that time, did not want yuan Zi You to form his own forces, so he sent the Gao brothers back to their hometown on the grounds that they should not hold important posts after they rebelled.The brothers, of course, were not convinced, and they resumed their old business in the local underworld.Er Zhu Rong heard, sent people to trap Gao Ao Cao, imprisoned in his side.Yuan Zi You design hand blade Er Zhu Rong, immediately release Gao Ao Cao, for their own use.Gao Ao Cao also lived up to expectations, he immediately put on a horse, with his nephew is besieging the palace of er Zhu’s soldiers and horses.History books say that the scene was like a heavy tank being pushed flat.Watch the emperor xiaozhuang et al, on the spot appointed its straight cabinet general.According to this trend, Gao Aocao was poised to become a close confidant of Emperor Xiaozhuang and a pillar of the Northern Wei court.Unfortunately, when the Gao brothers returned home to recruit, Yuan Ziyou was defeated and killed by the Erzhu family.The news came, Gao Aocao angry with his father and brother in xindu.During this period, Hanyu, the governor of Yinzhou appointed by The Erzhu family, led 5,000 men to attack Sindu. When Gao Aocao heard of this, he went to fight with more than ten cavalrymen.He leads the way, racing ahead in a stifling manner into the enemy group cutting melons and vegetables, nobody can resist;When gao Gan subsequently sent 500 people to rescue, Gao Ao Cao has triumphantly returned……After this battle, Gao Aocao gained the name of xiang Yu of the world.As Gao Huan rose to power, the Gao brothers turned to the “original family” (they were not actually related).During this period, there was an episode: Gao Gan opened the gate of xindu to welcome Gao Huan, Gao Aocao attacked the city and occupied some land.Hearing of this matter, the heart of the proud he gave his close elder brother to send a suit of women’s wear, ridiculed its as a woman;When Gao Huan is choosing persons, can not dare to offend this angry elder brother, so let his eldest son Gao Chengcheng go to see Gao Aocao with junior identity, this just let this fierce general surrender.From then on, Gao Aocao became one of Gao Huan’s fierce warriors, active in their favorite field: fighting in the battlefield, enjoy the blood dripping dripping dripping dripping dripping dripping dripping.Most of his subordinates were fellow countrymen, all Han Chinese;At that time, xianbei warriors had been running rampant for hundreds of years, and the cavalry of Xianbei was almost synonymous with elite soldiers and strong generals.Therefore, Gao Huan, already xianbei, had offered to send Some Xianbei soldiers to Gao Aocao.But Gao Ao Cao was very contemptuous: “Ao Cao will be part of the song, practice has been a long time, do not bother more match.”Gao Huan had to give up.Gao Aocao’s army, perhaps the only purely Han army in gao Huan’s army, was an anomaly in the northern Dynasty, where hu qi were rampant.But the fighting capacity of this team broke through the cognition of all people however: in the battle that depends on Er Zhu Zhao, Yu Wen Tai, Gao Ao Cao army is fierce not afraid of death, only gnaw hard bones, turn round battle situation time and again, had saved Gao Huan’s life even.But this kind of outstanding talent, most have the characteristics of high and proud;In that special era, Gao Aocao’s temperament was particularly prominent. In the Northern Dynasty, hu soldiers generally looked down on Han people as mild and weak, but they only feared Gao Aocao.Gao Ao Cao also needle to wheat, to those who dare to challenge their colleagues are not polite.Gao Ao Cao had played a game of grip with zheng Yanzu, a magistrate of The northern Yu Prefecture, after liu GUI (a huns friend of Gao Huan) sent a messenger to meet Him.Gao Ao Cao deliberately did not let people, but also let people with big shackles up to make;The envoy threatened: “It is easy to get rid of the stocks, but difficult to get rid of them.”Gao Ao Cao immediately took out his knife and cut off the man’s head with a contemptuous smile: “Why is it so difficult?”To this, Liu GUI dares not to say however nu.Gao Ao Cao so against Liu GUI, the incident has a reason.The next day, while Liu GUI and Gao Aocao were sitting together, someone reported that many soldiers had been drowned.Liu GUI didn’t care, casually said: “the first money for han, then die.””Tou qian” means that each child pays 23 yuan per year. In fact, Liu GUI means that han’s life is cheap and he dies when he dies.But maybe he forgot who he was with.Gao Ao Cao was furious on the spot and cut Liu GUI with a knife. He was so frightened that he ran back to his barracks.But Gao Ao Cao did not give up, immediately beat drums and formed a formation to attack Liu GUI.Later, under the persuasion of Hou Jing and others, it gave up.For this hero, Gao Huan both respect and fear.As most of his soldiers were xianbei, Gao Huan always used xianbei in his speeches.But as long as Gao Ao Cao was around, he switched to Chinese.However, no matter in any era, even if a person has talent, but once high-profile to this point, often means the arrival of crisis.In 538, Gao Aocao was appointed duke of Jingzhao prefecture and was ordered to attack Jin Yong City (outside Luoyang), which was guarded by Du Guxin, general of western Wei (later one of the eight posts of western Wei and the father-in-law of Yang Jian, emperor Wen of Sui).Yu Wentai heard, personally came to the rescue.For the yuwen black otter (yuwen Tai’s character) from xianbei nationality, Gao Aocao has always looked down upon from the bottom of his heart, he deliberately let people set up their own banners, umbrellas, their own horse, high-profile provocation Yuwen Tai.Ignoring the others, the troops of Western Wei seized Gao Aocao and lashed out at him. In a short time, his entire army was completely destroyed. Only one man escaped alone and fled to Heyang City.But Gao Yongle (Gao Huan clan), the governor of Heyang, had hated Gao Aocao so much that he closed the city gate and did not allow Gao Aocao to enter the city.Finally, Gao Aocao was cornered and ordered his pursuers to chop off his head. He was only 38 years old at that time.The northern Han army bar handle, so embarrassed to withdraw from the stage of The Times.Although Gao Aocao is not a good man in the traditional sense, he embodies the real force of han people in a special era, which may be one of the reasons why the bustling sixteen states and the Northern and Southern Dynasties were finally dissolved in the Sui and Tang dynasties.