Bacon fried with garlic, as I do bacon is not wood, not salty, not hard, color, smell and taste

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Hello, everyone, happy New Year. Today, I’m going to share a new way of frying preserved meat with garlic sprouts.To teach you to do a good job of this delicious meal, garlic fry bacon, there are a lot of people inside the family also often eat, but to make the garlic fry bacon, all kinds of taste, not too salty, is the bacon is wood and hard, especially unpalatable.First of all, let’s prepare a piece of good bacon, and then cut it into two sections. Today, as long as a small section is enough. Put it into warm water, scrape off the dirty things on the surface with a knife.Then clean it and put it into the pot, add the right amount of water, turn on the fire to blanch it, use the blanching time to cut some side dishes.Let’s prepare a garlic sprouts, cut it diagonally into a small section of a small section, cut into the plate for later, and then prepare a small piece of ginger, also cut it into small pieces, and then change the knife into ginger, cut into the plate for later.Prepare two green chillies, remove the chillies inside, cut into shreds of chillies, prepare a few red chillies into small pieces, put them together in a bowl for use, want to simplify a little, we can also prepare a little chili powder for use.After cleaning it, cut it into slices with a knife. After cutting the bacon, pour it into water and boil it to remove the saltiness. Boil it for two minutes and remove the bacon and control the water for later use.Then heat the oil in the wok and put in a little oil, because the bacon itself has oil. Heat the oil and fry it with minced ginger until it is fragrant. After the oil is fragrant, put in the pepper and fry it evenly until it is fragrant.The bacon water fry dry, fry the bacon flavor, and then pour in a little water, you remember, so cooked will not hair firewood will not hair hard, such as water fry almost dry, under the garlic.Then adjust the flavor, add a little salt, light soy sauce, a little chicken, open the fire quickly to stir it evenly, stir-fry until the garlic sprouts become soft broken, it looks like the garlic sprouts can be cooked eight points.Then you can put the pan on the plate, a delicious and cooked garlic fry bacon, it is done, salty fragrance, color, fragrance, very delicious.This bacon is thin and fat, it looks like a special appetite, like friends, you can like, pay attention to, collect, hurry to go home to try, thank you for reading, the next issue is more exciting.