A generation of literary hero died, its monument was humiliated by later generations, why is Bing Xin difficult to integrate with the generation of literati?

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Whenever mention bing Xin, we must forget bing Xin once famous works “stars” and “spring water”, which is the primary and secondary school students extracurricular designated reading.Her works not only convey the true feelings of the world, but also sing the praises of childlike innocence and maternal love, including the true feelings of the world to the best and the most beautiful, which makes people feel deeply after reading.After her death, she and her husband Wu Wenzao were buried together to receive the admiration and worship of later generations.However, unexpectedly, one day in 2012, someone found that the original clean and tidy tombstone bing Xin did not know when others with red paint on the eight characters “waste human form, no way to teach children”.This can not help but let a person ponder, thought-provoking, I do not know who should be so rebellious.After a careful inquiry and investigation, finally found that the eight characters are not others, but Bing Xin’s grandson Wu Shan.It is hard to understand why Bingxin’s grandson wrote about his ancestors in this way.The original Wu Shan wrote down the eight words is not groundless, but because Bingxin did not educate their children, and in the literary circle at that time also mixed well.For example, liang Shiqiu, a famous Chinese essayist, said of Bing Xin: “A certain paradoxical poetry captured by Bing Xin will be modified with a few beautiful words into a work, which can be accumulated for several months and become a book.It is the most lazy form of poetry and should not be fashionable.Lu Xun, as the most famous at that time, was even more outspoken, directly denying and criticizing Bing Xin’s “mannered” style of writing.At that time, the country was ravaged by war and the people were in poverty. What people needed more was the awakening of revolutionary consciousness rather than the creation of a better dream.Bing Xin is not only unpopular with male writers, but also with many contemporary female writers.For example, contemporary Zhang Ailing made it clear that he is not Bing Xin, bai Wei can be comparable to the flow, only Su Qing matched with her in the same breath.After the outbreak of the Ming Resistance, many literati gathered in Kunming. They often met at Lin Huiyin’s home to discuss current affairs and discuss literary secrets.However, At that time, Lin Huiyin did not invite Bing Xin to meet, Bing Xin felt excluded, so published the article “our wife’s living room” to express their disdain, and Lin Huiyin did not fall, directly to a jar of vinegar to show their views.Although the writer is light, Bing Xin is a special treatment.However, even if Bing Xin’s works did not conform to the popular style of the time, we should not make random comments on bing Xin’s moral quality.We should treat Bing Xin and her works with a rational attitude, which are out of fashion. It is unnecessary to ignore them and slander them excessively.Up to now, Bing Xin’s works have finally been accepted and recognized by everyone. The truth, goodness and beauty of the world contained in her works are very worthy of our praise.Of course, bing Xin’s way of dealing with family relations still needs to be improved.Because bing Xin put all his thoughts on literary creation, he ignored the teaching and management of his children, but blindly to meet the requirements of his son, too spoiled son, resulting in his son Wu Ping to develop the habit of gnawing the old, clothes and hands, food and mouth.After waiting for Wu Ping to get married, he developed the habit of eating well and doing nothing, and finally brought about Wu Shan, grandson of Bing Xin, to live in a quarrel as a child, still under age, he was divorced by his parents.After parents divorce, Wu Shan follows mother Chen Lingxia life, but the day has unexpected wind and cloud, did not think Chen Lingxia suffered from cancer a few years.Looking at the day price medical treatment charge that pays hard, Wu Shan can appeal to father Wu Ping only, however divorcing Wu Ping had new cummer immediately, living beautiful little life, which li Ken takes money to come out relief Wu Shan.Finally, wu Shan was so angry that he had no choice but to go to the tombstone of bing Xin to ease his anger.After venting anger, Wu Shan gradually calm down, he realized that his practice is still wrong, after all, no one can be perfect, the fault of later generations can not be completely blamed on predecessors, so hurried to ancestor tombstone before repentance.In fact, each of us has shortcomings. As a writer of the generation, Bing Xin, although her family education is not perfect, she still can not cover up the beauty and innocence of her works. She is worthy of the motherland and her own heart