Zhengzhou, a sad shopping mall, operating hours so short that few people remember, because of not making ends meet closed

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Zhengzhou a miserable market, operating time is short to anybody remember less, because of living beyond its means In henan province as the whole of China’s most populous province, covers an area of more than 30 provincial level administrative regions in our country is at the top, and relying on the advantage of these on economic development, henan province’s economic gross has been also has a very significant achievement in our country.Although in the past few years, henan province’s per capita development is not very good.But with the upgrading of its industrial structure in recent years, Henan has also shown remarkable economic growth, and modern metropolises like Zhengzhou have emerged among the prefecture-level cities under its jurisdiction.As the capital city of Zhengzhou, the changes in recent years can be said to be changing with each passing day.There are not only more and more high-rise buildings and modern experience places, but also many old buildings that cannot keep up with The Times have been closed down and removed.Today, xiaobian will introduce a tragic shopping mall in Zhengzhou. Although it has a very large area, it was forced to close down because of poor management after only one year of operation.This shopping mall is actually located in Zhengzhou Jinshui District lingmao shopping center, as a very advantageous geographical location of the shopping mall, but here is not as high as other enterprises with the same type of visibility.Even now find some local residents in Zhengzhou to ask, they are difficult to give a positive answer.And the reason why there will be such a situation, in fact, because the shopping mall is open for some time is too short.Within a year of the official ribbon-cutting, a large number of merchants had terminated their contracts and brought down the entire mall.In fact, there are many reasons for this market to embark on this road, including the problems of operators, of course, but also the natural and man-made disasters in recent years.At the beginning, due to the bustling location, the rent of this shopping mall was relatively expensive.Although the operator has made some fine adjustments after finding that business is not good, compared with the same type of shopping malls, there is still a serious premium.So consumers would rather take a long detour than buy here.In a vicious cycle, businesses cannot afford to pay the high rents, so they also choose to flee.On the other hand, with the repeated epidemic in the past two years and the natural disasters such as floods that Zhengzhou is facing, local citizens are increasingly reluctant to go shopping.Therefore, under various reasons, the person in charge of this shopping mall had to declare bankruptcy.The above is all about Zhengzhou 00 MAO Square, what do you think about it?Feel free to leave a comment.