Working girl abandoned by her doctor boyfriend, 8 years later with their children to come to the door, asking for 300,000 compensation

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Bai Yansong once said: “Someone asked me how good youth is.I said youth is good, youth can make mistakes, because there are countless times to change.When you get older, it’s different. You have to make fewer mistakes because you don’t have many chances to change.”Young people in their twenties and thirties are full of energy and vitality. Their life is full of sunshine and the future is bright. This is the best time in a person’s life.Young people will not stick to the rules, dare to challenge and try new things. Such aggressive spirit of “young people are not afraid of tigers” is the characteristic of young people. Even if they make mistakes, they still have time and ability to correct, so as not to leave irreparable regrets in life.It is normal for young people to make mistakes. However, some mistakes should not be made, or they will have a huge impact on their later life.Ms. Zhang is 35 years old, she should find a husband who loves her, form a happy family, give birth to several lovely children, the family love each other, harmony and beauty, this is the way life should be, the reality is not like this.Zhang, who is unmarried, is raising her eight-year-old son on her own, juggling the roles of father and mother and earning just enough money to keep them together.As Ms. Zhang is physically and mentally haggard after years of hard work, there is not a breath of youth on her body, but a sense of vicissitudes of many middle-aged women.Many people have such a question: “Why does Ms. Zhang have children when she is not married?””Ms. Zhang is quite beautiful. Why doesn’t she find a suitable man to marry instead of having to bear the suffering of life alone?”Ms Zhang’s fate stems from a mistake she made when she was young.Ms. Zhang family conditions are general, not too high degree, fortunately, she is articulate, find a job to sell health care products, with this job Ms. Zhang’s life is still pretty good.Ms. Zhang got to know Mr. Li by chance. Mr. Li was a doctor candidate at that time. He was handsome and humorous, and Ms. Zhang had a very good impression on Him.Miss Zhang reads a book to had eaten less the deficit that did not have culture, she respects the person of high academic record all the more, as the depth of association, Miss Zhang is attracted deeply by Mr Li, they become sweethearts naturally.As long as Ms. Zhang is free and Mr. Li tired together, she bought this to Mr. Li to buy that, willing to pay everything for Mr. Li, Ms. Zhang’s idea is very simple, she loves Mr. Li and intends to marry Mr. Li.A lot of people are not optimistic about this relationship, no wonder, Ms. Zhang and Mr. Li different family circumstances, different interests and hobbies, education gap, the view of the problem is very different, they are not suitable for together, however, Ms. Zhang desperate to be with Mr. Li together, this for her tragic fate.After a year of dating, Ms. Zhang got pregnant, and Mr. Li was very happy to let Ms. Zhang have the baby.It was zhang’s first child and the result of their love affair, and she agreed to give birth in order to marry Li.In the process of love, Ms. Zhang puts forward to marry for many times, Mr. Li seeks all sorts of reasons to evade, although Ms. Zhang is pregnant, Mr. Li still did not promise to marry.Mr. Li felt at ease to accept Ms. Zhang’s gifts, blindly enjoy Ms. Zhang’s good to him, but he is not willing to pay, more reluctant to marry Ms. Zhang.In this case, every rational person will see through the man’s trick and take the initiative to leave the selfish, irresponsible man, so as to avoid suffering a bigger blow.Ms. Zhang did not do so, she did not want to waste all her previous efforts, also do not want to give up this relationship, she hoped to impress Mr. Li with sincerity and persistence, so Ms. Zhang did not hesitate to give birth to the child.After the birth of her child, Ms. Zhang was unable to earn money and visit Mr. Li often, leaving her life in a quandary.Mr Li should have taken the initiative to take care of Ms Zhang and offered her whatever help he could. Mr Li was only busy with his own affairs, leaving Ms Zhang and her son behind.After graduation, Mr. Li stayed in the school as a teacher. He never looked for Ms. Zhang or received a penny of child support. Ms. Zhang was like a passer-by in his life, and Mr. Li never cared about Her.Ms. Zhang went to Mr. Li several times and asked him to get married. Mr. Li was quite indifferent. He didn’t want to say a word to Ms. Zhang, but Ms. Zhang didn’t dare to push too hard.Ms. Zhang learned from a friend that Mr. Li married, Mr. Li’s wife is very beautiful, is a scholarly family, they are beautiful, together very paired, know this thing after Ms. Zhang instant collapse.Ms. Zhang waited for Mr. Li for eight years. She did not wait for Mr. Li’s proposal, but for Mr. Li’s marriage news.Ms. Zhang can not bear this tone, she took the child to come to the door.Zhang demanded an apology and 300,000 yuan in compensation, which Li refused.Mr. Li said: “You deliberately with me together, you threaten me with the child, the child is not mine!”Mr. Li refused to admit his mistake but put all the responsibility on Ms. Zhang, while refusing to admit that the child is his own flesh and blood, Mr. Li’s attitude completely infuriated Ms. Zhang.Zhang turned to school officials for help, which caused such a stir that Li’s reputation suffered so much that his wife even wanted to divorce him.Li claimed: “I broke up with her a long time ago, the child is not mine, she just wants money!”Ms Zhang rushed up and wrestled with Mr Li. Ms Zhang pulled some of Mr Li’s hair and went to an identification agency for a paternity test, which showed that Mr Li was indeed the father.Face reality Mr Li still sophistry: “calculate compensation also should walk legal procedure, she wants too much!”They are deadlocked over the amount of compensation, but it is certain that they will not be together, and Ms Zhang’s idea of marrying Mr Li has come to nothing, leaving her to raise her children alone and continue to live a life of no happiness at all.”The road of life is long, but the critical point is often only a few steps, especially when one is young,” writer Liu Qing wrote in her book History of Entrepreneurship.Youth is the greatest capital, everyone can use this time to study well, work hard, lay a foundation for the future life.Many girls heart to talk about a love, hope to find true love she can hand in hand through the life of the man, this is the premise of a happy life.Ms. Zhang can have a happy marriage and happy family, she is obsessed to marry doctor, Ms. Zhang and Mr. Li have no common language, class difference is very big, even if together also won’t be happy.More importantly, Mr. Li’s character has a big problem, is not a man worthy of trust for life, Ms. Zhang knows this, but she can not get out.In order to keep Mr. Li she is willing to give birth to children, she did not look forward to the dream of life, such as Mr. Li’s betrayal and abandonment.I hope Ms. Zhang learned a lesson from this matter, do not have unrealistic illusions, seriously treat life, seriously treat feelings, down to earth to live every day.Mr. Li has done a lot of wrong things, I hope he can repent in time, take the initiative to take the responsibility of a father, treat the child well, and handle the relationship with Ms. Zhang, which is a man’s due responsibility and responsibility.Do you think it is suitable for two people with very different education background to get married?Some people say that Ms. Zhang is too crazy, others say that Ms. Zhang is too stupid, how do you comment on this?Welcome to comment.