The smell of dumplings wafted from the construction site

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February 4, the fourth day of the first lunar month.At 1:30 p.m., the project site of Binjiang Xingcheng Primary School in Banan District wafted the aroma of dumplings.”Hubby, we come to accompany you to celebrate the Spring Festival.”Huang Yuanwei, a civil engineering and management engineer who just inspected the safety work of the completed site, welcomed two special guests — his wife Zhang Feng and his daughter Yuan Bao, who is 1 year old and 3 months old.Banan District Binjiang Xingcheng Primary School has 36 standard classrooms and 35 multi-functional classrooms, and plans to open 36 classes, which can solve the problem of reading for the children of the people in the district.In order to catch up on the construction schedule, Huang yuanwei and two other colleagues gave up family reunion and chose to “stay behind” on the project during the Spring Festival holiday this year.In order to ensure that the school delivered on schedule, Huang Yuanwei National Day, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival have chosen to stick to the frontline duty.Huang, who was born in 1994, has only been married to Zhang feng for two years, but he rarely spends time with his family because of his busy work schedule.Before The New Year’s Eve, Zhang Feng took her daughter back to her hometown in Nanchuan.In the evening, through a video call, Huang Yuanwei, who had been busy all day, saw his daughter, whom he had not seen for several days.”Dad, Dad…”Babbling daughter across the phone screen with Huang Yuanwei to hug.”Yuan Bao is good, listen to mother, father is busy with work, come back in a few days.””Husband, I first stay at home to accompany the old man, after two days to accompany you with the baby New Year.”So on the fourth day of the first lunar month, Zhang drove more than 100 kilometers from Dayou Town in Nanchuan district to Banan to spend the Spring Festival with Huang.In the office area next to the construction site, Zhang Feng boiled water on an induction cooker and cooked a pot of dumplings. Zhang luo, Huang Yuanwei and other colleagues ate a simple reunion dinner.Eating dumplings, Huang Yuanwei said: “Xiao Feng, these two years I owe you the most.I will spend more time with you and my daughter when the project is finished.”Facing her husband’s apology, Zhang feng was very understanding: “The school was completed a day earlier, and the children also started school a day earlier. You can rest assured that you have me at home.”Although the reunion dinner was frozen dumplings bought in a supermarket and the place for dinner was also on the construction site, huang finally had his own “small reunion” because his family got together.