Rose prices are skyrocketing!I’ll spend a little too much on flowers this year

2022-06-12 0 By

Recently, rose prices in Kunming, Yunnan province continue to rise.The reporter understands from dounan flower market, last year lowest 30 yuan a bunch (20) red rose, this year the highest already rose to 160 yuan, 99 fresh cut red rose cost price already as high as 500-800 yuan or so.It is reported that the price of flowers this time has been affected by various factors such as weather and holidays.This autumn and winter, yunnan’s temperature is lower than the same period of the previous year, frequent snow and ice weather, the growth cycle of flowers extended, resulting in a reduction in supply.On the other hand, suppliers’ harvest time is affected by holidays this year.In addition, affected by the epidemic, it is difficult to import high-end flowers from abroad, which further affects the domestic consumption in the low-end market.According to the data of Kunming International Flower Auction and Exchange Center, the total number of auction transactions on February 5 was about 4.11 million. The highest price of single-head a-grade rose was 10.41 yuan/branch, and the highest price of multi-head rose was 12.76 yuan/branch. The auction price has reached the terminal retail price level in previous years.The high price of flowers frightens many people, but drives the sales of bionic flowers, immortal flowers, snack flowers and other categories.So how long will these high prices last?According to the florist, according to the rule of the past, until March and April in Kunming, Yunnan province warmer temperatures, flower prices will drop significantly.