Demonstration area finance bureau held financial business seminar

2022-06-12 0 By

On February 8, the demonstration area finance bureau organized all staff to hold a seminar on financial business, to further unify working thoughts, explore new ideas, and promote the construction of financial standardization to a new level.During the discussion, all the staff carried out group discussions on budget management, Treasury centralized payment, financial investment evaluation and budget performance evaluation, exchanged work experience and reached a consensus.Under the background of budget integration reform, all staff members should conduct close communication and coordination, continuously improve their work style, and ensure efficient and healthy economic and social development with strong professional capabilities, the meeting said.It is cheer up spirit, make article around exchequer construction.Adhere to open source and reduce expenditure, pay close attention to revenue management, achieve all receivable.Second, optimize the expenditure structure and focus on fund guarantee.We will make rational allocation of funds, coordinate the allocation of funds in key areas such as project development, industrial development, and improvement of people’s livelihood, and maximize the returns of government funds.Third, strengthen supervision and focus on strict discipline.We will strictly implement the rules and regulations governing government funds, manage, allocate and use government funds in accordance with laws and regulations, and ensure that government funds are used exclusively and efficiently.Meeting at the same time on the “ability to the attitude construction year” activities to mobilize to arrange again, ask the staff according to the working deployment requirements, dedicated “ability style construction year” activities, improve learning implementation, problem solving, plan as a whole, harmonious unity, primary and secondary summarizes six abilities and so on, innovation, realistic, carry out all work for the high quality guarantee.