Customized isuzu 700P light truck trailer, 5.2T+ 6AT, standard 1700W solar energy band 14 KWH

2022-06-12 0 By

This saloon car that introduces today is the custom money isuzu light card saloon car that comes from car friend, make by nova saloon car.Isuzu light truck saloon car is characterized by strong chassis, large space, powerful power, coupled with this customized version of the light truck saloon car with 14 KWH, and the roof full spread of 1700W solar panels, 200L large water tank, very suitable for a family long journey.Based on the modified Qingling Isuzu 700P chassis, external size: 5990*2300*3180 mm, driving with blue license PLATE C.The box body adopts 2 mm thick aluminum-magnesium alloy aircraft outer wall panel + cage type aluminum frame, low center of gravity design, high strength anti-corrosion chassis sub-beam structure, improve safety.The exterior of the car is equipped with an outdoor awning with a 4-meter flashlight, electric footstep, outdoor folding table, mains interface, water outlet, large luggage compartment and diesel stove.In terms of power, it is equipped with a 5.2t diesel engine with rated power of 139 kw and peak torque of 510 nm. The transmission system is matched with 6at automatic transmission and the tank volume is 100L.Open cabin structure, the upper part of the cockpit is equipped with a large forehead bed size of 1450*2200 mm, and the lower part of the bed plate is equipped with built-in LCD Internet TV.The reception area is designed with “L-shaped” sofa + lifting table. The lowered table can also support to form a temporary bed.The opposite side of receiving a guest area is the material stage inside the kitchen, configuration respect is very practical, including a 152L double door big refrigerator, microwave oven, stainless steel pool + tall bend faucet + straight drinking tap, high power lampblack machine + induction cooker, still make up and down have rich store content ark.What be worth mentioning is, in the upper part of the kitchen is furnished with slippery track, the operation of the kitchen can be distinguished when cooking lies between independent space, prevent lampblack pollution.At the same time, in order to increase the activity space, the bed plate adopts push-pull design. The size of the tail bed is 2.2*1.3 meters, and the upper part of the inner push window is designed to store content concord, and the outer part is also equipped with cloth privacy curtain.The opposite side of the tail bed is designed with a wardrobe, the lower part is equipped with a 6kg drum washing machine, beside is an independent blister bathroom, not only mildew proof but also easy to clean.Equipped with intelligent electric compressing toilet, basin, towel rack, vanity mirror, external window and top ventilator.Water and electricity configuration, including 24V-600ah lithium battery (14 KWH), 3000W inverter, 1700W solar panel, 200L net water tank and 60L gray water tank.Heating and cooling system includes: 5000W wood heating and a 1.5P home air conditioning.A customized version of the Nova Isuzu saloon for a long family trip costs $598,000.