A nucleic acid testing drill is carried out in Beimahuan Town of Yinghandyingzi Mining Area in Chengde City

2022-06-12 0 By

Hebei news network news (reporter Liz, Liu Tingyu) as the positive and effective response to the complex COVID – 19 outbreak, fully promote the prevention and control emergency disposal ability, cogent safeguard people’s health and life safety, epidemic prevention and control in chengde city eagle hand ying zi mining area headquarters requirements, on April 2nd, the horse circle town in north area of nucleic acid testing practice.The drill on the same day at 2 PM at the golden horse driving sampling start, set up the waiting area, sampling area, buffer, temporary isolation, and many other areas, arrange the fixed sampling 3 groups, flow sampling team 2 groups, tested the crowd for gold group 1, 2, 3, fan village, ma village, north ma circle circle community and village (house) and yi da park, golden horse driving enterprise employees;The third group of Jinfanzi village was set up as the containment area, and the containment management was implemented, which was close to the complex scene of actual combat to a large extent.Before the drill, The town of Beimahuan formulated a detailed drill plan, held a special deployment meeting, and made a detailed arrangement of the drill process and the division of labor.The staff are divided into order maintenance group, emergency response group, logistics support group and other groups, and simultaneously issue drill announcements, issue testing orders, implement closed control, arrange sampling sites, and organize and mobilize the masses.During the exercise, the field masses entered the area orderly under the guidance of the staff, kept a distance of 1 meter, and entered the sampling area in turn for registration and throat swab sampling.The mobile team provides on-site sampling service for residents with mobility problems and sealed areas to ensure that “no household or person is missed”. After sampling, the staff seals, loads and transfers the samples in strict accordance with the procedures, and cleans and disinfect the on-site medical waste.After the drill, a summary meeting shall be held to timely summarize and improve the problems exposed in the emergency drill.The drill lasted for 3 hours and 1,288 nucleic acid samples were collected. The drill was organized in an orderly manner and the participants had a clear division of labor. The drill achieved the effect of assisting “prevention” with “exercise” and preparing for “war” with “practice”, which effectively improved the emergency response capacity and comprehensive coordination capacity of Beimahuan Town to deal with the outbreak situation.More solid control procedures, nucleic acid testing and related work, for the protection of people’s health and life safety laid a solid foundation.