Yixian county, Anhui Province: Traditional cake during Qingming festival is popular

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By Wang Li zhongxin County, Anhui, April 4 (Liu Hao wang Li) Qingming Festival to eat cake, is a custom in southern Anhui.At present, Qingming Festival is approaching, and some merchants in Yixian County, Anhui Province, according to market demand, have launched qingming festival next fresh food products, traditional food catch up with the seasonal popularity.Qingming kuih is also called Mugwort leaf kuih, and its main ingredients are mugwort leaf, flour and glutinous rice flour.In the choice of artemisia argyi very particular.”To do mugwort ji in Qingming festival, we usually go to pick mugwort one or two days in advance, especially to the river in the morning to find the tender round leaves of mugwort.””Said Cheng Lifen, a pastry chef at a hotel in Yixian county.When fresh mugwort is picked, first select leaves, stem and old yellow leaves, only take fresh and tender stems and leaves, and clean them.Mugwort taste is bitter, after two or three times of blanching and repeated hard squeeze, can squeeze out the bitter juice of mugwort.”When cooking mugwort leaves, you can’t cook them for too long. It’s easy to black for too long, and the color of the next is not good.If you cook it a little bit, it’s very bitter, so it’s a job to master the heat.”Cheng Lifen.Visitors taste mugwort ji Wang Li to remove the bitter taste, and then pull out the mugwort, drain the water, chop or mash for later use.Next is the production of Qingming ji pastry, qingming ji pastry production is also very elegant.In addition to a certain proportion of water and flour, it is necessary to mix some glutinous rice flour to ensure that the cake is shaped and not easy to fall apart.Then, knead the dough together until the dough is smooth and pliable with just the right hardness.Cheng Lifen said: “and the hardness of the surface should also pay attention to, if and too hard, mugwort next is not delicious.It’s too soft. The bag won’t take shape.”After the dough is made, knead into thin skin, and then fill with fresh listed spring bamboo shoots, Huizhou ham, dried beans, potherb mustard stuffing, the edge is pinched, so a Qingming kuih will be made, put in a steamer to cook for 10 to 15 minutes, can be eaten.Han Ying, a tourist, said, “I came to eat mugwort kuih with my friends today.This mugwort cake, we often eat when we are young, spring bamboo shoots in it, enhance the taste, soft waxy waxy, full of ‘spring taste’.”Tourist Zhang Wanying said: “Qingming Festival kuih is our local characteristics of seasonal food, mugwort is also a kind of medicine and food homology of wild plants, eat more for our health is also very good, so we local qingming Festival before and after eat mugwort kuih.”To make qingming cake accessible to more guests, some of the merchants in Yixian county have introduced vacuum-packed fresh qingming cake and provided delivery service, making it an Internet sensation.”The market was so tight that when we started selling, we were selling one or two hundred a day, and then on the third day and the fourth day, we were selling 1,000 a day, especially on these two days we were selling 1,000 to 1,500.”Cheng Yan, assistant to the general manager of Yixian Hotel, introduced yixian qingming cake while packing it.Source: Chinanews.com