What is one of the top 10 brain-burning movies in the world that you still can’t understand?

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1. Former Destination;This story is unbeatable!Fascinating!The penny dropped at the last minute!The setup is incredible, all the characters are one person, perfect closed loop, and it would be nice if there were no bomb-defusing missions.I think it would be interesting for someone to experience being both a woman and a man in their life, and even to have a relationship with themselves.2. Fatal ID;It is not bad for the theme of puzzle solving. However, Japanese films of the same type are more to my taste, which should be due to cultural differences.As far as this piece goes, it’s pretty good.Reverse and reverse, knowing it was a split personality movie before watching it, feeling betrayed that the plot was over, knowing the ending halfway through, but this is a very good movie.Memento; 3.Half understand don’t understand, see understand to say almost can clear the relationship and intention of several characters.The narrative is a little confusing, the movie tests my memory too much, the flashbacks are so rare, it’s funny, it’s funny.I love brain movies, and I thought about 10,000 possibilities before I revealed the truth.4. The Butterfly Effect;It was a crazy brainstorming session.Male master childhood every piece of amnesia, is the future of their own tampering with the memory, every moment of life turning point, is really miss by a mile.The film’s most basic setup, the premise of a do-over or multiple do-overs, leaves us with a lot of delusions and endless longing.If I could, my life would be better if I didn’t make that mistake.5. Shutter Island;This is a very delicate suspense, but it’s too waste my brain cells, it was very good, small plum acting is great, is it’s a pity that this kind of watch too much, so from the beginning I have fully guess the last reversal from some details, will be a little affect the degree of surprise, but does not affect this is definitely a good movie.6. Cruise Ship of Horror;Don’t look for lost love in repetition.An infinite loop, a loophole in the connection.The story is well structured.A little bit, but not all.The reason why the cycle has been, because there is obsession, there is no need to go back again and again.In the final analysis, it is still about human nature. The evil in human nature always challenges people, but they are not perfect people.7. Skeleton Key;Get Out is a bit less interesting than the skeleton Key, and the ending isn’t particularly surprising, but it’s 12 years earlier than get out.The title of the movie doesn’t have much to do with the content. Although the scene of the black servant and the white child has been roughly introduced, the kind-hearted heroine still can’t escape from the evil hands, which makes people feel sad.8. Mulholland Drive;In the movie theater, “There’s no band, there’s only one tape” is a metaphor for a dream.But the cappuccino was really good, and the movie was like a dream, and we had a dream.I’m still wondering why the characters before and after are the same but the identities are different!This dream is so psychedelic.Burn brain is true, a long time is also, the director home that segment and cowboy dialogue did not understand, lily’s story is really love.Rita, with her dark hair, was beautiful and mysteriously attractive.9. The Prestige;Shock is shock, but also really puzzling, often a shot to change and re-enter the state.And it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about the kind of knot you tie.I didn’t understand it at the beginning, because the sequence of narration is a little chaotic, and I have some face blindness…It’s just two crazy people. It’s crazy.The people around them are miserable enough not to know the truth.10. Inception;It’s a work of god.The episode with Cobb and his wife reminds me of the Kleinpot, except there’s a little top to tell dreams from reality. The Kleinpot has nothing and is more desperate.The music is great. It should be fun to watch in the theater.Inception is a clever film, rich in detail and intricate in narrative, which takes the audience into a labyrinth of the subconscious.Nolan has created a surreal thriller world in which everything from story, graphics, music, sound effects, etc. is extremely rich and in perfect balance.What is one of the top 10 brain-burning movies in the world that you still can’t understand?