What is medical insurance?Had social security, still need to buy medical treatment insurance?

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What is medical insurance?If you already have social security, do you need to buy medical insurance?The so-called medical insurance is actually the medical expenses generated when we see a doctor, which can be reimbursed effectively through medical insurance. For example, you participate in the new rural cooperative medical insurance, which is the medical insurance of urban and rural residents today.We can enjoy 50% reimbursement ratio. For example, if we spend 10,000 yuan on medical expenses, we can at least reimburse nearly 5,000 yuan of medical expenses.Therefore, having a medical insurance can greatly reduce our out-of-pocket costs and pressure, and lay a very important foundation and role for us.But some people say THAT I participated in social security and did not participate in medical insurance, what is the reason under this situation?The social security that we want to see you to attend above all has medical treatment insurance inside, because social security place contains the meaning of wide area, it is to include endowment insurance already, also included medical treatment insurance, still include inductrial injury insurance even, after unemployed insurance and birth insurance, big insurance we can collectively be social security.But some people, he refers to the social security, just for our employees endowment insurance, or urban and rural residents endowment insurance to make the definition, but did not participate in medical insurance.So if you don’t have medical insurance, then in fact, of course, you can’t enjoy the reimbursement of medical insurance, so it is necessary for us to have a medical insurance.If it is through the work unit to participate in social security, including the five insurance in social security, they do have an employee medical insurance, if you say through the work unit to pay the employee medical insurance, individuals do not need to pay medical insurance, because after all, enjoy a medical insurance reimbursement can be.But let’s say you’re not paying social security through your employer, let’s say you’re paying social Security through flexible employment as an individual.And just this kind of flexible employment way to participate in the employee pension insurance, did not participate in the employee medical insurance, at this time we need to pay attention to, because the endowment insurance and medical insurance, are separately paid.Some people will think you pay endowment insurance will have health insurance, in fact is not like this, endowment insurance and medical insurance fee charge alone, alone and endowment insurance and medical insurance is usually specified by the bank is different, so you need to complete and individual endowment insurance and medical insurance fee.The individual that we attend insurance of urban and rural resident medical treatment, need not go to attend insurance of worker medical treatment, conversely also be same truth, that is to say you attended insurance of worker medical treatment, go to attend insurance of resident medical treatment without necessity so.Therefore, the two are in conflict, because in the process of choosing medical insurance reimbursement, you can only choose one of them, not both.Because you don’t end up being double-billed, it’s good enough to have just one plan.Thank you for reading and talking about retirement knowledge every day. I focus on social security and retirement. If you like my article, you can add my attention.