UB first generation exposure “Valentine’s Day” limited color matching!And it’s co-branded by the big boys

2022-06-11 0 By

In honor of Valentine’s Day 2022, Beyonce has teamed up with Adidas Originals’ Ivy Park to release Ultra Boost OG’s exclusive pink color!The vamp features a Primeknit texture from the original Ultra Boost, with an all-pink silhouette paired with Boost Technology midsole for a flattering classic silhouette.The details are extra drawn by Ivy Park!The three lines of the shoe frame are presented with gloss similar to lipstick texture. Two different styles of shoelaces are standard, and Ivy Park exclusive pendant in the same color is provided to further demonstrate exclusive cooperation specifications.The whole is to release a rich valentine’s day atmosphere, but also contains versatile comfortable wearing experience.Beyonce Ivy Park X Adidas Ultra Boost OG will be available for sale in Early February for $200.Beyonce Ivy Park X Adidas Ultra Boost OG GX2236 Release Date: February 2022 Release price: $200