The statement that there are criminals posing as our name to defraud

2022-06-11 0 By

Recently, our company received letters from the masses to reflect that there are lawless elements in the name of our company in the virtual platform to issue tasks and charge fees for fraud activities.This seriously infringes on the property rights and interests of the masses and the reputation of our company. Therefore, we hereby issue a statement as follows: 1. Our company has never entrusted or authorized any units or individuals to issue tasks and collect fees on the virtual platform, and the fraud of criminals has nothing to do with our company.Ii. Our company has reported to the public security organ the act of fraudulently using the name of our company.If you have been deceived, it is recommended to report to the local public security organs in time.The official website of our company is Other websites and APP have nothing to do with our company.If you have any questions or questions, please contact us: 020–85521717.Hereby declare!Jiadu Technology Group Co., LTD. February 13, 2022