Sonorous rose blooming Asian Cup Yantai women’s football team to add luster

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China overcame a 2-0 first-half deficit to beat South Korea 3-2 to win the Asian Women’s Cup for the first time in 16 years.In this group of “sonorous roses”, wearing no. 10 jersey is from Yantai Zhifu Sports school to go out of the “national brand” women’s football player Zhang Rui.On February 9, the reporter came to Zhifu sports school on zhang Rui’s football growth history and the development of Yantai women’s football for an interview.”Zhang Rui has a strong talent for football,” as Zhang Rui’s initiation coach, Yantai Zhifu Sports School vice principal Sheng Li said: “she has strong physical quality since childhood, in the explosive power and start speed are very good, at the same time, the child is particularly smart, academic performance is also among the best.”From the fourth grade, Zhang Rui every weekend in Zhifu sports school to participate in training, in order to ensure sufficient training time, in the fifth grade, Zhang Rui transferred to Zhifu Sports school, devoted to his love of football.Under the professional guidance of Shengli, Zhang Rui’s ball skills have been rapidly improved.”On the football field, some children have good technical ability, some children have good physical quality, some have good fighting style, Zhang Rui is comprehensive, is a good material.”Shengli commented.In 2002, Zhang Rui led the Yantai team to win the championship in the 20th Shandong Provincial Games.In 2006, after finishing the provincial Games, Zhang Rui joined the August First Team to receive training.In the 2022 Asian Cup final, Zhang Rui, wearing the no. 10 jersey in the second half, helped China beat South Korea 3-2 with his rich experience, solid football foundation and excellent psychological quality, and won the championship.”She came on and did a great job of defending, tackling and controlling the pace of the game.Sheng Li said excitedly.In recent years, Yantai women’s football Team has developed rapidly and achieved brilliant achievements. It has won the champion of group B of the 20th Provincial Games, the runner-up and champion of Group A of the 21st Provincial Games, the runner-up of Group A of the 22nd Provincial Games, the champion and third place of Group B of the 23rd Provincial Games and other honors.As the vice principal of Zhifu Sports School and the head of the football project, Sheng Li has cultivated more than 20 national youth and junior national players, including Hong Min, Zhu Jing, Zhang Rui and Liu Huiting, etc., in his more than 30 years of coaching career.The development of young players is inseparable from the coach’s careful guidance.Zhifu Sports School adhere to the banner of the Party to lead its secretary and entrepreneurship, based on the construction of party members, the party building work and the quality of the team to improve the combination, training a number of selfless dedication, tenacious struggle of party cadres and coaches.Zhifu sports school women’s football coach Chu Ning is one of them.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, she organized two women’s football teams to start training and actively prepare for the 25th provincial Games.”Parents are willing to entrust their children to me, is the trust of me, but also the trust of Zhifu Sports school, I want to shoulder the heavy responsibility, the reason to train as soon as possible, is not to delay these children, since they chose this road, they will go through trials and hardships.””Chu Ning said.Yantai sports forward, Zhifu sports school has 35 full-time coaches, more than 400 athletes in training, 22 sports teams, football, volleyball, beach volleyball, gymnastics, trampoline, basketball, taekwondo, track and field, table tennis 9 Olympic projects.Among them, football, volleyball, beach volleyball and gymnastics for the city team and county projects, directly on behalf of Yantai city organized to participate in the provincial games.Over the past 60 years, Zhifu Sports School has been awarded the title of advanced unit of national industry training by former State Sports Commission and State General Administration of Sport for many times.Du Guangren, deputy principal of Zhifu Sports School, said: “Before the first class, we will give students about the spirit of women’s volleyball, this year’s first class, in addition to the spirit of women’s volleyball, we will speak never give up, tenacious struggle of women’s football spirit, will inherit it well, carry forward!”The spirit of women’s football has taken root in the new generation of Yantai women’s football.Zhifu sports school women’s soccer team zhu Mengyu said: “Zhang Rui is our sister, but also our example, usually we need to do is hard training, practice their skills, like sister, as soon as possible into the national team for the country.”Yantai women’s football team strive to be the first, sonorous rose brilliant bloom, is the true portrayal of Yantai sports vigorous forward, but also for Yantai to sports strong city stride forward to write vivid footnotes.