Deng Zhuodi, grandson of Deng Xiaoping, was born in the United States and graduated from Peking University

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I believe everyone will not feel strange to Deng Xiaoping, he has made an indelible contribution to the development of new China, he has a lot of good qualities are worth us to learn.Deng Xiaoping not only contributed a lot to the construction of the country, but also under deng Xiaoping’s words and deeds, his descendants are very excellent.To introduce the hero is not today, deng xiaoping, but deng xiaoping’s grandson Deng Zhuodi, he was born in the United States, the academic record is very good, later he was admitted to Beijing university, with excellent grades in college after graduation, he worked as a deputy county magistrate, who made a lot of meaningful things for the people, but he never make public, always uphold the low-key character.Deng Zhuodi, the only grandson of Deng Xiaoping, has attracted a lot of attention and expectations since his birth, especially when he is often compared to MAO Xinyu, the grandson of Chairman MAO.But the biggest difference between Deng And MAO is where he was born. MAO was born in China, while Deng was born in the United States, which has made Deng controversial.The reason why Deng Was so controversial is very simple: Our people felt that he was born in America, and feared that he would become An American, and that our country had lost a talent.In fact, everyone’s concern was completely unnecessary, because deng’s parents studied physics in the United States at that time, and with excellent results, obtained a PhD, remarkable achievements.Even so, Deng’s parents, influenced by Deng, did not forget the country where he was born and raised.Instead of applying for a green card in the United States, deng’s parents, after much consideration, sent him back to his homeland to live with his grandfather, Deng Xiaoping.Deng Xiaoping was very excited and happy to see deng Zhuodi so lovely. He loved his grandson very much and would spend any time with his grandson except for work.Deng Zhuodi is also a very obedient boy. He cherishes his grandfather’s love and is very close to his grandfather.At that time, deng Zhuodi would pat his grandfather on the back and pinch his legs. Every time, Deng Would feel very happy in his heart.However, some media reporters who did not know the situation raised a lot of doubts about Deng Zhuodi’s identity and nationality. When Deng Learned this news, he replied to this question with great arrogance: “My grandson is a Chinese nationality. He is a Chinese citizen.”Deng Zhuodi was loved by Deng Xiaoping, but deng zhuodi did not indulge himself to do some inappropriate things because he always knew in his heart that he should strive to do better and not lose face to his grandfather.As a result, deng worked very hard at his studies, and with Deng’s inculcation, deng was always among the best in his studies.To be someone else’s child.Later, I fulfilled my wish and entered the Law Department of Peking University to start a new journey.For Deng Zhuodi, law is his dream since childhood, so in the process of learning, he has to work harder than anyone else, because to realize his dream, he has to pay hard sweat, no pains, there will be a harvest.With such an effort, he was recognized by his teachers and classmates. Instead of being complacent, he set higher and higher requirements for himself.In addition, he is very frugal in life, never extravagant, never accept special treatment because of his status as the third generation of red, he is so low-key that it is hard to associate deng Xiaoping’s grandson with him.Later, he went abroad again after finishing his college studies.Study for a master’s degree in the United States, after graduated, Deng Zhuodi in order to develop their abilities, he joined the world ranking top law firm, Deng Zhuodi here come into contact with a lot of the big shots of the legal profession, let oneself ability promoted further, at the same time he also won the high recognition in the industry, became a famous lawyer, it is rare for.With bright prospects, he resolutely gave up the good life in the United States, because Deng Zhuodi never forgot his homeland, so he took the experience accumulated over so many years to return to the motherland.Later, Deng moved to a law firm, where he amplified his abilities and was praised by colleagues for his modesty.What they didn’t know was that he was deng Xiaoping’s grandson.Until later, Deng Zhuodi began to change the battlefield and step into politics, just to be closer to his grandfather, because his grandfather always said: No matter when and where, always have the people in your heart.He wants to serve the people better.Later, deng Zhuodi did not have a trace of pride, but to do practical things for the people, under his efforts, deng Zhuodi later became the deputy county magistrate of Pingguo County, Baise City, Guangxi. In fact, the reason why he became the county magistrate there is still cannot leave his grandfather.The old red revolutionary base area in this area was once built by Deng Xiaoping.During his tenure, deng zhuodi made a deep impression on everyone and was affectionately known by the local people as Secretary Deng.And little Deng Secretary did not let the local people disappointed, because he will not only all the work fell to the actual place, but also he will personally walk into the people’s lives, understand their problems, and will help them solve problems, for the development of the people to make a lot of indelible contributions.Later, he joined the Bridge Association and became a director of the Bridge Association. He found more masters in the bridge circle and provided a lot of motivation for this career.04 Conclusion Throughout deng Zhuodi’s life, it is worth us to learn, he had excellent grades since childhood, with excellent results, became a lawyer in a famous American law firm.But he did not forget his motherland behind, but returned to the embrace of the motherland, inherit his grandfather’s will, to make contributions to the development of the country.Therefore, as a new generation of young people, we should learn from Deng Zhuodi’s modest and hardworking spirit, but also carry forward his passion for the motherland.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!