Blockbuster!Nets 2 for 5 trade reached, the big three into a joke, Harden wish to join Embiid

2022-06-11 0 By

James Harden was traded to the 76ers at the NBA trade deadline on February 11, 2008, in a deal that will become a hot topic among NBA fans.Really did not think of, the basket net three giants a little achievement did not create disintegrated, is also a little pity.James Harden and the Sixers have been the subject of rumors lately, with coach Steve Nash repeatedly saying there would be no trade, but it eventually happened.Harden himself was the key, too. He really wanted to leave, grew impatient with the Nets, and the Nets worried that harden was free to leave in the offseason for nothing.The deal would see the Nets send Harden and Millsap, and get Simmons, Steph Curry, Andre Drummond and two first-rounders (2022 first pick, 2027 protected first pick) from the 76ers.In this way, the Nets’ super three formally disbanded, the original Durant + Irving + Harden is also destined to become a joke, three people two seasons a total of 16 games, this thought that these three will open a dynasty, the last dynasty has not seen the edge, so goodbye, is also a little sad.The combination of power is still great, but the opportunity to work together too little too little.To be honest, the Nets could be forgiven for doing so. At least they’ve acquired an All-Star guard, but if Harden opts out of his contract this summer, they’ll be empty-handed.The Nets now have a simmons, Durant and Irving triumvirate, and as long as Irving keeps playing, he’s good.As Chris Haynes later reported, Simmons has spoken with Durant and they are now on the same page.Harden would like to join the Sixers, with Embiid, the combination of the two is also worth looking forward to.Of course, there are optimists and pessimists.Harden, after all, has been traded for two consecutive years, and it’s unclear whether he and Embiid can develop chemistry.In Harden’s view, though, the Sixers are fewer than the current Nets, and at least no part-timers, which would be interesting if the two teams met in the playoffs.