Battle of wonders!How hard is the Chinese women’s soccer team?Injured + stretcher approach, back to the scene of the ashamed national football team

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The Chinese women’s football team is advancing to the Asian Cup final!China defeated Japan 6-5 on aggregate in the semi-final of the Asian Women’s Cup after a 1-1 draw in regular time and a 1-1 draw in extra time that went to penalties.Chinese goalkeeper Zhu Yu saved twice from penalties and Wang Shanshan scored the winner in the fifth round, notably the equalizer in the 118th minute of extra time.In this way, the Chinese women’s football team defeated Japan 4-3 on penalty kicks and 6-5 on total points to advance to the final.This game, The Chinese women’s football team staged a miracle of the war, the first half of the overall passive, but also because of the defensive loss of points.The second half is not easy to equalize after the opponent in extra time again, we are about to be out of the game, Wang Shanshan robbed the shot dragged into the penalty shootout.Zhu yu saved twice in the penalty shootout, wang Shuang was not in the situation, Wang Shanshan in extra time and penalty shootout, his goal directly helped The Chinese women’s football team to advance, the miracle of the battle was born.During the match, the Girls of The Chinese women’s football team fought very hard. The most touching one is Lou Jiahui. She was knocked down by her opponent in the 37th minute and fell to the ground in pain.When the whistle sounded at the end of the first half, I saw Lou Jiahui covering the injured waist to go off, she has been suffering from the pain of the waist, it hurts dearly.Time came to the second half, when Lou Jiahui and Nan Meng Hua fight, she kicked the ball out of the sideline, the waist is still very uncomfortable, then Gao Chen came on the bench, Lou Jiahui is carried out on a stretcher.In addition to the players to fight injury, the Chinese women’s football team’s return speed is very good.This is the second half of the game, The Chinese women’s football team attack was stolen, then all the back defense, very fast, no one slack off and lazy.This scene can be said to be ashamed of the National football team, The Chinese men’s football team’s game many times appeared not in place, stand pile type defense and so on, obviously these will not be in the Chinese women’s football team.Shuiqingxia’s substitution is also very good, only 27% possession rate in the first half, in the absolute downwind, fortunately, only one goal behind the score, this time Shuiqingxia’s guidance replaced Xiao Yuyi.Xiao yuyi made a quick stop inside the penalty area to set up wu Chengshu’s breakaway goal to equalize the score.It can be said that the replacement of Shui Qingxia can be called magical, really laudable.Of course, the most important reason for the miracle of the battle is the players’ fighting spirit, perseverance and do not give up the spirit, two times behind, two times to equalize, without the core of the situation still showed a strong fighting, the team did not have any one lax and give up, this is the real sonorous rose spirit, moving.