With what?This cloth tiger has become a national intangible heritage

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Yellow cloth for leather, standing tall, round, chubby, charmingly naive and dignified.This is the cloth tiger, which has become a national intangible cultural heritage.In the year of the Tiger, lihou tiger sales are booming.Although the inheritor gao Qiuying of Licheng County, Shanxi Province is 78 years old, she is still specially asked to sew traditional Li Houhu.At the client’s request, she fills it with sawdust and adds a bit of cinnabar to the nose.”The key to making a cloth tiger is to convey the spirit of the spirit.”She said.The name of Li Houhu is inseparable from the local culture.Legend has it that During the Shang and Zhou dynasties, Li Was the seat of ancient Li.In 2006, the rescue excavation of the Xiguan cemetery in Licheng provided archaeological evidence.The archaeologists found the tomb of the minister of Marquis Li and his wife, and speculated that the large tomb with tomb passage which was heavily stolen nearby was the tomb of Marquis Li, which was about two weeks old.The tomb also unearthed a jade tiger, double hook Yin line carved tiger skin pattern, looks fierce and powerful.”The city of Li is the ancient state of Li. There is basically no problem. The jade tiger is the ornament worn by the tomb owner.”Shanxi Institute of Archaeology researcher Zhang Chongning said.The local love of tiger culture continues today.The tiger has the cultural connotation of blessing, town house, longevity and wealth.People regard it as a mascot to accompany the healthy growth of children, hoping that children are as strong as tigers, have “tiger spirit” from childhood, and grow up with courage.This custom is deeply rooted in licheng people’s life.In 1998, gao qiuying’s cloth tiger (Li Houhu), walking out of Taihang Mountain, was chosen as the pattern of the zodiac stamp for the Year of the Tiger.In 2008, the Cloth tiger (Lihouhu Tiger) in Licheng County became a representative item of national intangible cultural heritage.From then on, Li Houhu was known by more and more people.As orders increased, more and more people joined the ranks of sewing le Hou tigers.At present, there are six inheritors of Li Houhu at the province, city and county level.Li Xiaomei, 48, a non-hereditary inheritor at the provincial level, said sewing a Li Houhu tiger involves six steps, including selecting materials, drawing samples, cutting, stitching, filling, and stitching and pasting. The process incorporates techniques such as paper cutting and embroidery.Although the cloth tiger is small, it is full of cultural connotation and wisdom.A piece of cloth is cut once to form Yin and Yang ripples, which are respectively affixed to the back of the tiger, which not only distinguishes the gender, but also has the meaning of endless life and growth.The whirlwind pattern on the tiger, facing the same direction, meaning smooth dangdang.Now, the local implementation of the “company + farmers” production mode, the formation of lihou tiger based, tiger shoes, tiger hats, tiger belly bands, tiger pendant as one of the folk arts and crafts production base, through online and offline sales throughout the country, even abroad.In Li Xiaomei’s studio, workers are working on li Houhu.In the past three months, she has received 200,000 yuan of orders.Although the number of workers has increased from 20 to 30 to 100, the supply of products is still in short supply.The Qiao Yanbo that does home spins business recently 4 years also made Li Hou tiger.Sales are increasing every year, exceeding 2 million yuan last year.They have made innovative back tiger, marriage dedicated heart to heart tiger, carefree tiger head pillow, longevity tiger, etc., but also opened a private customized service.In Beguihua village, Licheng County, li Jingfen, 51, earns more than 1,000 yuan a month by making lihouhu in her spare time when she takes care of her family’s 4 mu of land.In Qiao yanbo’s workshop, Li Lixia, 52, stands out for her gray hair.Her husband is physically disabled and unable to work. Her three sons are in school, which is a heavy burden.Since start li Houhu, monthly income of 1700 yuan.”Very good, the slack time can also rely on it to earn some pocket money, to supplement the family.”She said.According to Guo Lei, director of culture and Tourism Bureau of Licheng County, there are more than 500 professional employees of The Lihou tiger in Licheng County, with an annual output of 50,000 Lihou tigers, leading to an increase of more than 10,000 yuan per household.Li Houhu sustenance of the elder to the younger generation’s care and blessing, connecting the village and family affection.”When I was a child, I used to play in front of my grandma’s door. She sewed a cloth tiger and I held my chin.(End) Wang Xuetao, Ma Zhiyi, Reporters of Xinhua News Agency