Shandong has accelerated the recovery of production and life through the “dynamic elimination of social gatherings”

2022-06-10 0 By

Shandong province held a press conference on March 29 to announce that the daily number of new infections in the province has decreased significantly, and the epidemic has been effectively controlled since the end of February.Zhang Liansan, deputy director of the General Office of the Shandong Provincial Government, said the province has achieved a “dynamic zero-out” of social meetings, which means that the transmission chain of the epidemic has been cut, the risk of community transmission has basically been eliminated, and the order of production and life is being restored at a faster pace.At present, 60 to 70 international vessels sail in ports of Shandong province every day, so the risk and pressure of preventing imported vessels are very great.For the next step, epidemic prevention will focus on key links such as international shipping, imported cold-chain food, non-frozen containers, international express mail and China-SOUTH Korea passenger ferry.Source: