On January 29, xiangcheng County meteorological Bureau issued a yellow alert of level III/severe for fog

2022-06-10 0 By

Xiangcheng County Meteorological Bureau issued a yellow alert signal for fog at 5:03 on January 29, 2022: it is expected that in the next 12 hours, the visibility will be less than 500 meters in Chengguan Town, Cigou township and most towns of our county, and the local visibility will be less than 200 meters, which may cause a great impact on traffic.Please take precautions.Defense Guide: 1. Relevant departments and units shall make anti-fog preparations according to their duties.2. Airports, expressways, ferry terminals and other units shall strengthen traffic management to ensure safety.3. Drivers should pay attention to the change of fog and drive carefully.4. Pay attention to safety in outdoor activities.(Source: National Early Warning Center)