Indonesia has been hit hard with nearly 30,000 new cases

2022-06-10 0 By

President Jokowi has expressed concern over reports of more than 27,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday.According to CNN Indonesia on Thursday, Jokowi ordered Minister Luhut, who co-ordinates social activity restrictions in Java-Bali, and Minister Arranka, who co-ordinates social activity restrictions outside Java-Bali, to immediately assess the implementation of social activity restrictions in all regions of the country.Zonko said: “I once again to remind people to calm face will be various strains of coronavirus, everybody wants to keep strictly abide by the rules of health and epidemic prevention, and to reduce unwanted outdoor activities, for those who haven’t been vaccinated people I called for vaccination as soon as possible, for those who have received the first and second doses of vaccine, if time will be the third agent vaccine.”On the other hand, some regions have decided to suspend face-to-face education at schools as the COVID-19 pandemic worsens.Among them, the city of Begassee, in West Java province, on Thursday ordered schools to suspend face-to-face classes and switch to online classes until Feb. 17.According to information from the Ministry of Health, a total of 182 novel coronavirus infections have occurred in Bethel, including 83 secondary school teachers and 45 students.