By the recent hit criminal investigation drama circle fan?Take you to the police god!

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Go up recently new “hunt a crime chart to learn” and “bone language 2″ two criminal investigation play lets many criminal investigation play fan shout greatly satisfied.”Bone language 2” “Hunting crime map” small series brushing in the bullet screen can often be seen, many criminal investigation fans in the two plays repeatedly jump, repeated comparison, one brush two brush is still not satisfactory.In front of the computer, I’m sure there must be countless forensic fans marveling at the exquisite painting skills of the little brother who can draw an old person at the age of three.Side from the heart admire forensic little sister from the cocoon, through the most subtle observation, a little bit of reduction of the truth of the case.Mock portraits, forensic trace tests, pretrial experts…These seemingly mysterious careers have what kind of legendary stories, today xiaobian will take you to know these legendary people.It is no exaggeration to say that their legend is far more shocking than any TV series.Chen Shixian, Chief Forensic Doctor of China, graduated from The Shanghai Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Supreme People’s Court in 1955. He is a chief forensic doctor and professor, professional and technical first-class police inspector of the People’s Police, a lifelong criminal investigation expert specially invited by the Ministry of Public Security, enjoying the Special allowance of The State Council.He has served successively as director of the Forensic Medical Laboratory of the Physical Evidence Identification Center of the Ministry of Public Security, vice president of the Chinese Forensic Medical Association, deputy editor of the Chinese Journal of Forensic Medicine, Director of the Forensic Injury Committee, and director of the National Forensic Technical Standards Committee.He has published 17 books.He has been engaged in forensic identification, research and teaching for more than 50 years.Mainly to undertake national major, difficult, criminal cases involving foreign elements, and forensic appraisal of major disasters and accidents, and do all kinds of hard cases thousands of pieces, such as 1959 square ambition the quick war dead identification, thousand island lake massacre in 1994, Taiwan compatriots drops yun Lin was killed in 1998, 2003, hubei Ms. High drop mystery, etc., to accurately forensic identification and rigorous analysis of forensic medicine.It provides scientific thinking and basis for case investigation.The thousand Island Lake Massacre, which shocked the world, took place on March 31, 1994. The thousand Island Lake Massacre took place on March 31, 1994. The thousand Island Lake Massacre, which shocked the world, took place on March 31, 1994.Zhejiang chun ‘an county economic and trade tourism company’s senior cruise ship “Hairui” carrying a group of 24 Taiwan compatriots tour group, left shendu dock in Shexian County, Anhui province at 1 PM on the same day to thousand Island Lake tour, scheduled to land in chun ‘an County Maozhuyuan dock that night.But the cruise ship did not arrive that night.On the morning of April 1, the ship was found in the waters of Huangniling, the largest part of Qiandao Lake, with smoke billowing and no one on deck.Rescue workers rushed to the scene while putting out the fire, while sending ships to search more than 40 square kilometers of waters nearby, the Air Force stationed in Zhejiang province also dispatched aircraft, the East China Sea Fleet also sent people to participate in the search and rescue, but no victims were found.The bodies of 24 Taiwan compatriots, two tour guides and six crew members were found in the ship’s underhold after rescuers put out the fire and towed the ship to shangjiangbu wharf in neighboring Chun ‘an County.The news of a fire accident on the cruise ship “Hai Rui” on The Thousand Island Lake, which killed 32 people on board, appeared on the news media the next day and became a hot spot of attention at home and abroad.The police found a number of difficult to explain the fire accident doubt, but because it is only a doubt, the lack of clues do not have a clue, temporarily unable to understand the cause.On the afternoon of April 5, Luo Gan, then State Councilor and Secretary-General of The State Council, instructed the Ministry of Public Security to send an expert team to the scene of the crime to assist in handling the case.The Ministry of Public Security mobilized troops and quickly formed a team of experts headed by Chen Shixian, including technicians of forensic medicine, traces and photography.After the members of the task force arrived at the scene, Chen Shixian found that many comrades believed that “the situation of the ‘Hairui’ has been very clear, it is an accidental fire”.But Chen Shixian and his colleagues, after repeated careful examination and discussion, went to the scene of the crime for many times and came to a surprising conclusion.The men died in armed robbery.Through his investigation, Mr. Chen found several problems: the whereabouts of the iron ladder leading to the crew’s lounge in the lower compartment were unknown;All the ship’s life-saving equipment was in place and not in use;No signs of fire equipment being used;No one on board, including good swimmers, escaped;All personnel (crew, guide, passengers) are in the lower deck crew lounge which is only 1.5 meters high and only 17.1 square meters in area…Photos from the scene show that of the 32 people killed, the women were far from the fire and the men were very close.It appears that it was the men among the victims who took the initiative to protect the women from the flames, but ultimately unsuccessfully.This objectively shows that 32 people were rushed to the bottom warehouse, was killed by the gunmen arson.Field property lost part, killed people existing property receives way is also very special, have four dead money from found in shoes or socks, two dead money, jewelry, watches, etc in the underwear and bras, there are three people killed put money in the underwear, also in one of the dead dust coat rolled up the sleeves of found gold earrings.These details provided an important basis for Chen shixian’s case analysis.Summary above all, Chen Shixian thinks, this is a big robbery murder arson case.Number of criminals: 2-3 people, the crime tools were guns and knives, the perpetrators are familiar with the cruise route of local people, the crime is well planned, premeditated.Based on Chen’s analysis, the zhejiang provincial public security department immediately launched an investigation.Soon, arrested Wu Lihong, Hu Zhihan, Yu Aijun three suspects.And in the three home, found the victim’s video camera, camera, US dollars, Taiwan dollars, RENMINBI, Hong Kong dollars, watches, rings, jade bracelets, necklaces and other stolen money stolen goods.Motorboats, shotguns, bullets and remaining explosives were also seized.Technical analysis proved that these were stolen goods and murder weapons.After a day of trial, three people see the evidence is solid, has confessed to the fact of robbery homicide arson.So, on April 17th, the police announced that the case was solved.This article is excerpted from the book “Solving the Case of Chen Shixian, China’s chief medical examiner” published by The Masses Publishing House. Due to the space limitation, the article in the public account has made many cuts on the basis of the original text.Unfortunately, many of the wonderful details of solving the case could not be presented to you one by one.In addition to this case, the book also tells us a lot of mysterious cases, unsolved cases, big case solution process.Case Solving by Chen Shixian, China’s Chief Medical Examiner, shows readers in detail how Professor Chen meticulously investigated the scene, examined the body, and restored the truth of the case with his rigorous logical reasoning through vivid cases.As a detective documentary, the text of this book is readable – fascinating, the content is professional – objective science.Zhang Zemin, the author of this book, said: Chen Shixian, as an old expert in the field of public security law, has participated in numerous cases, and most of them are serious and difficult cases.As far as I know, the “March 31” case in Qiandao Lake, Zhejiang province is one of the more difficult cases, and it is also one of the most brilliant cases he has ever handled.Many years ago, the Thousand Island Lake case shocked the whole country. The whole case has been made public and there is no news to speak of. However, to know the investigation process of this case from the perspective of an expert, I am sure it is still fresh and readable for most people.Because, when I read his case notes, I can clearly feel that this is a reading experience that forces me to think and imagine often. Although it is not as perfect and exquisite as a detective novel, the plot is strange and full of suspense, but it is definitely a case full of wisdom.Even called the classic in the classic is not too much – Chen Lao experts on the case of the analysis and reasoning so THAT I repeatedly applauded the case.In the face of the burning hai Rui cruise ship, many people still mistake it as a fire accident, he separated and peeled off the layers of doubt wrapped in the case bit by bit through the clues of the scene, with rigorous logical thinking, and finally deduced the basic process of the case clearly.The benefits of reading such factual reasoning are clearly different from those of reading detective stories.Moreover, for Chen Lao expert this experience, the relevant reports at that time rarely involved, not known to the outside world.Therefore, after obtaining his consent, I made a special trip to the Archives of the Ministry of Public Security to look up the files related to the case. On the basis of verification, combined with the interview materials, I sorted out the notes of Chen Lao expert to handle the case, so that more friends can truly and accurately appreciate the wonderful place.