Huaian, Jiangsu: A brocade flag travels through the snow from Shanghai to lianshui County public security bureau

2022-06-09 0 By

In the morning of February 7th, the first snow of the New Year came to Ripple Water. Ms. Zhang and her mother braved the snow to put a book with the people’s police for the peopleEmergency help pennants to huai pu road the policemen in the hands of the original annual is top grade afternoon mansion of the east gate of a police police (ms zhang elder brother), for example, liu hao received zhang army emergency help zhang face to face sudden high fever lips blue army daughter is urgent need to send the medical treatment but traffic jam during the Spring Festival is likely to delay the disease although there are more alert waiting to be processed but peoplePolice immediately uphold the principle of life first, sirens driving motorcades opens up a green channel for holiday nearly half an hour’s drive to the county hospital girl smoothly reduced to 5 minutes after obstruction for that girl policeman hurried to go to a doctor next alarm scene after zhang army more comments about finally found the police on duty that day because of the ripple after the Spring Festival I settled in Shanghai all the year round back in a hurryAfter arriving in Shanghai, Zhang immediately customized a brocade flag and sent it back to his home in Lianshui, urging his family to send it to the police as a token of gratitude!Source: Saanshui Police