A 3.6-magnitude earthquake hit Xingtai, Hebei province last night, with no casualties or property damage reported

2022-06-09 0 By

According to the China Earthquake Networks, a M3.6 earthquake struck Weixian county, Xingtai City, Hebei province at 21:48 on February 6, 2022 (36.97゜, ゜, longitude 115.43 Environment-related ゜), with a focal depth of 8 kilometers.The epicenter was 3 kilometers west of Liyuantun Town, 4 kilometers east of Guxian Town, 6 kilometers northwest of Zaoyuan Town, 13 kilometers from Linxi city, 83 kilometers from Xingtai City, 145 kilometers from Shijiazhuang city.The earthquake was felt in Xingtai city, near the epicenter of weixian county, Qinghe, Linxi, Pingxiang, Nangong and other obvious tremors.Handan City yongnian, Qiu County, guantao felt the quake.The quake was felt south of Hengshui and in parts of Shijiazhuang.No casualties or property damage were reported.After the earthquake, Hebei Seismological Bureau responded quickly: first, it immediately sent xingtai Earthquake Monitoring Center and Xingtai Emergency Management Bureau to collect the earthquake disaster;Second, the provincial seismological Bureau strictly implements the 24-hour shift on duty;Third, experts were immediately organized to conduct joint consultations with China Earthquake Networks Center and Beijing Seismological Bureau to analyze and judge the earthquake situation.