0-1!Spaniards into despair, Wu Lei into a visitor, Chinese football liuyang flag ignored

2022-06-09 0 By

La Liga 25th round of the game began, Espanyol at home against Sevilla, the first half of the game 36 minutes, Espanyol was breached the goal, 0-1 down on the field, desperate, Espanyol in the opening state of the general, the back line is still porous.This season’s La Liga, Wu Lei completely lost his position, he did not enter the starting list in this game, this has been wu Lei 15 consecutive games substitute.Raul de Thomas is the lone spearhead of the Spanish forward line. Villenna, Puado, Dardel and other offensive players start, and on the bench, Wu Lei, Embarba, di Mata and Merendo are waiting.It has to be said that the Spaniards are still competitive in the middle and front, with embarba, last season’s champion scorer, not to mention Wu Lei, unable to start.Sevilla are still doing very well this season, they are the team at the top of the table, real Madrid are in the race for the title, if beat espanyol, sevilla will be only four points behind the top.Espanyol, on the other hand, have been in a slump of late and have yet to win in La Liga this year, putting pressure on them to pick up points.Diego Lopez’s milestone came when he made his 200th appearance for Spain in a match that was attended by his wife and children for a photo shoot.Less than two minutes into the game, Sevilla suffered a blow when Ocampos sprained his ankle and went down in pain.In the 10th minute, Sevilla got a free kick, drove the ball to the goal, attacking players offside.In the 16th minute, Puado broke down the right flank and sent a cross that sevilla’s player blocked and the Spaniard won a corner but did not pose a threat.In the 29th minute, raul de Thomas was shown a yellow card by the referee after he fouled an opponent while trying to grab the ball.In the 32nd minute, Ocampos’s cross from the right was blocked and Sevilla took a corner from the right, which the Spaniard player cleared.The 36th minute, Spain lost the ball, Sevilla in the left side of the cross to the front, Mir in front of the steal point to break the goal, 0-1, Spain behind, Wu Lei from the bench witnessed the team lost the ball.For Wu Lei, the current situation is very unfavorable, the team coach does not trust him, Wu Lei can only be a spectator!