World of Warcraft: TBC nostalgic clothing, S3 weapons are not so difficult, stick to mixed points have hope

2022-06-08 0 By

Before the world of Warcraft TBC nostalgia server, the season’s weapons have a really big impact on the team-based equipment. When the Teeth of the Sea Beast just started, it was basically 10,000 G to buy it. However, before the opening of P3, you could exchange for S2 weapons, and everyone brought PVP weapons to play the original, so no one wanted the sea beast.The first time the boss bought it at the bottom price of 3000, and the second time it was broken. However, now it is a new season, there are definitely players who want to change to S3 weapons. In fact, this is very simple, as long as everyone keeps mixing in S3 season, it is not a dream to get weapons.I believe you all know one thing, that is, in the new S3 season before the mixed 1600 is basically not dropped points, that is to say, as long as you stick to mixed, even if you do not win a game, you can also be between 1500 and 1600, what does this represent?S2 season is before 1000 will not drop points, if only pure mix, as long as some serious group of friends every week, generally can be stable to 1500 or so, can exceed 1000 bottom line, 500 or so.Now also changed the matching mechanism, to match the range becomes wider, can foresee in several weeks, those pure points team can also be the level of around 1500, the result with TBC is the same as the old version, teams began in 1500, weapons like as long as 1850, 350 higher than basic line, group of people on every Wednesday evening,Put in, play seriously, meet these pure mixed score team probability is still very high, want to reach 1850 is also a very simple thing.Most professions for S3 weapon is very demand, although is arena weapons, but attribute is indeed very good, for those ribs are small, it is too sweet, half an hour per week is ok, can do, especially for those who compare have weapons to career, of course the key weapons are usually very expensive, especially the law system,Chaos storm and the like are generally tens of thousands of G, the average player has to save a long time to buy G.Can indeed pick up the leak, but not every head will take care of you, somebody else take the boss to eat spareribs he is not sweet?Otherwise arrived at the end of the season, others elated of took a weapon, you just envy somebody else, oneself regret did not mix cent already too late…….If you have any thoughts on this, please comment in the comments section.