The Spring Festival, guard cultural tourism and sports venues epidemic prevention safety line!

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During the Spring Festival, local COVID-19 cases appeared in many places in Guangdong. According to the deployment of epidemic prevention and control work, the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Tourism and Sports of Xiangzhou District immediately carried out “three ones” to strengthen the defense of the epidemic.To carry out a full cover policy propaganda organization industry covers all the first time the epidemic prevention policy propaganda, through WeChat industry group, SMS platform, announcements and on-site inspection, and other forms of “” online and off-line, epidemic prevention and control publicity told city headquarters notice and on the cultural tourism to the our city sport center to carry out the epidemic prevention and control measures of emergency notification” and other policies and measures,Cultural, tourism and sports venues that have opened to the public are required to strengthen personnel control, strictly implement the “three things” of epidemic prevention (temperature measurement, code scanning and wearing masks), and implement the requirement that the number of customers in scenic spots, theaters and swimming pools should not exceed 50% of the maximum carrying capacity, without any discount in epidemic prevention and control measures.Organize an on-site inspection and set up a special inspection team to carry out special inspection supervision work during the Spring Festival in the industrial sites under the jurisdiction.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control policies, star hotels and scenic spots will be guided to actively cooperate with communities in information collection and management of people coming to (returning from) Zhuhai, and actively assist unarrived people in risk-related areas to handle cancellation services, so as to reduce the risk of spread of the epidemic caused by the movement of people.From 31 to 2 days, the district committee standing committee, publicity minister Li Zhigang led a team, sent a total of 7 inspection teams, sent 46 person-times, check star hotels, restaurants 30 times, spot check Internet cafes, KTV 4 times.The inspection team comprehensively visited and checked the star-rated hotels of the residents in the risk-related areas. It was found that all the residents in the risk-related areas had implemented health management, and the epidemic prevention work and production safety work in the star-rated hotels were in good condition.For Internet cafes and KTV venues that are not open to the public, spot checks and background data monitoring should be combined to ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention policies and maintain the good situation of epidemic prevention and control.According to the changing situation of the epidemic situation, we will continue to improve the work plan of the reserve and refine the work process of the reserve in accordance with the principle of “it is better to be prepared than not to be prepared when not available”.Combined with the inspection work during the Spring Festival, the notification letter on the relevant laws and regulations on the expropriation of isolated hotels was issued to the relevant venues, and the site conditions were checked again and the opinions of the venues included in the centralized isolation observation were solicited.On the basis of the 27 reserve sites recently put into use, we will continue to make scientific plans, improve plans, refine procedures and strengthen management, and cooperate with the overall situation of epidemic prevention to do a good job in the quarantine reserve hotel work.Editor: Zhu Huayi first review: Yang Ying, Guo Jun review: Wang Biao source: Zhuhai Xiangzhou wenluyun