“Society” mistakenly believes in love!A 13-year-old French girl who was gang-raped and burned to death has been condemned for what she deserved

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Paris, February 12 (Ren Wan) recently, four suspects who once injured French schoolgirl Shaina (Shaina) went on trial in court.The girl was gang-raped and burned alive two years later.In August 2017, Shaina, a 13-year-old French schoolgirl, met Malik (not her real name), a 14-year-old boy, in Creil, Oise province, le Parisien reported.Since October 2016, the two have been dating regularly at the abandoned clinic.Accompanied by her friend Emilie, the girl arrived at the rendezvous at 3pm.Malik asked Shaina to wait outside the clinic.The boys then dragged Shaina into the basement.Malik and two of his friends pounced on Shaina and stripped her, and according to the investigation, a boy filmed the incident on his phone and threatened to show it on social media site Snapchat.During this time, Shaina was violently attacked and called names such as “bitch” and “bitch”.Shaina was held to the ground while the boys pushed lipstick into her vagina to confirm whether she was a virgin.Malik then began to “fumble” with his fingers as Shaina struggled.One boy said, “We do what we want, otherwise we upload the video to the Internet.”Just like that, Shaina gave up the struggle.Eventually, Malik asked the remaining two boys to leave and he tried to have sex with Shaina, but failed.Negar Haeri, a lawyer for the victims, said it was atrocious abuse and an assault on morality.When the boys left, they left the girl naked and in tears.The abusers said they would release a video later that night.But by then, one of the videos had already appeared online.In the video, the girl, who is naked, tried to fight back, but in vain.The girl went to the police station that night, her eyes empty, her expression sad, her face scratched and her chest bruised, as she described in detail the violent attack.She described Malik as a violent attacker.Shaina also recalled that a week before the attack, she was the victim of an attempted sexual assault by a friend of Malik.Shaina then switched schools.She accused Emily of spreading the word that something terrible had happened to Shaina for a reason.Police learned that Emily’s mother had mocked Shaina’s “bad reputation.”Shaina’s nickname, according to the former, is “Teaser.”According to Shaina’s friend Laure, Malik continued to harass shaina after the attack.In May 2019, Shaina was beaten by a dozen people on a street corner.When Shaina woke up in the hospital, she identified Malik.The boy was charged again.When shaina met Ousmane in the late summer of 2019, aged 15, she thought she had found love.But in a cruel twist, the 17-year-old just wanted to hang out with the rumoured ‘mean girl’.So when he learned that Shaina was pregnant, he asked her to have an abortion.A short time later, on October 30, Osman was arrested on suspicion of stabbing Shaina in her garden shed, pouring petrol on her and burning the dying girl to death.’The day Shaina died, everyone was talking about it,’ she said. ‘They said she deserved it, she was a bitch.’In the last years of shaina’s life, she endured the gossip of outsiders.Lawyer Nica Harem said shaina was forced to be a whore.In prison, Osman boasted about carrying out the murders and said he did not want to be the father of an illegitimate child and was “willing to pay the price for 30 years.”