Shengsi County Justice Bureau “three around” to strengthen the leadership of party construction, improve the efficiency of judicial administration

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First, focus on the main responsibility, work hard in the deployment and implementation.First, we will focus on the primary responsibilities and tasks of Party building.Earnestly to grasp party building main body responsibility, to establish “a pair of responsibilities” in charge of the leadership, continuously strengthen the responsibility consciousness, according to the county “seven problems list”, combining with the history of the party team learning education, political science and law education problems found during the consolidation, research deployment list rectification, clear problem list, task lists, responsibility list, high-standard rectification pays special attention to the problem.Second, we will break down and refine party building tasks.Formulate “Key points of Party Construction work in 2021 of Shengsi County Justice Bureau” and the responsibility breakdown table of Party construction work, and implement “list-based” management of main body responsibility.The Leading Party Group listened to, studied and made arrangements for party building work four times, listened to the report of the party branch on the performance of duties twice, studied and solved the difficulties and problems existing in party building work in a timely manner, and effectively arranged, promoted and inspected party building work and business work in the same way.Third, we will fulfill our responsibility to govern the Party.Thematic research and deployment of party conduct and clean government construction and anti-corruption work 2 times;Establish clean government files for leading cadres and middle-level cadres in an all-round way, and strengthen supervision over government cadres;To carry out the responsibility and honesty assessment meeting, the secretary of the Party group and the team members, the team members and the responsible persons in charge of departments and offices signed 30 copies of the Responsibility for the Construction of Party conduct and clean government of Shengsi Justice Bureau.Second, around the study of education, in the ideological leadership of the effort.First, strengthen daily education and management of Party members.Formulate the party’s theoretical learning center group learning plan and the centralized Learning System of “Hongrun Judicial” Organs of Shengsi County Justice Bureau. Combine with the theoretical learning center group, “three meetings and one lesson” and the themed Party Day activities, implement the “centralized + self-study” and “online + offline” learning mode, and form a “normal” learning system.Throughout the year, party members and cadres were organized to study the theory of the Central Group 12 times, centralized study more than 30 times.Second, we will strengthen the role of Party members.We gave full play to the exemplary role of Party members, encouraged and supported them to participate in volunteer services and cultural and sports activities, and organized volunteer activities such as “National Clean-up Day”, “Concurrently Party organization activities” and “Civilized traffic counseling” to make volunteer services regular.Party members and cadres of the bureau participated in volunteer service activities more than 60 times a year.Third, strengthen party members’ style of work.Carry out the “three catch and one change” activities of learning, management, discipline and style of work;Deepen the special self correcting introspection, to implement the central eight spirit, correct “four winds”, staff development, illegal violations in lending, the respect such as illegal engaged in business activities to carry out inspection activities, further improve the style of discipline, and create a fresh air wind is, clean and efficient working environment.Three, around the Central Line, in the party building command.First, build a solid defense line to maintain stability.It has been fully integrated into the construction of the “500-meter business area” of county-level spear investigation centers, strengthened the mechanism construction of “docking of visits and investigations” and “docking of governance and investigation”, and ensured early detection, early warning, early prevention, and early disposal of social conflicts and disputes.During the special activity of “Celebrating the Centenary of the Founding of the Party and Maintaining Harmony and Stability”, 666 cases of conflicts and disputes were settled, involving 25.990,500 yuan.Second, we will deepen our efforts to serve the people.We have carried out practical activities of “I do practical things for the people”, and carried out more than 50 activities in the form of grassroots research, lectures and propaganda, focusing on doing practical things, doing good things and solving problems for the people.The “Law Rain spring Breeze” legal service month activity, organized “legal service expert group” to participate in the investigation of 32 contradictions and disputes involving enterprises, wrote 6 legal physical examination reports, solved 52 problems of enterprises, village (community) legal advisers visited and provided legal help for 57 cases.Campaigns to publicize the Civil Code have been launched to enhance the people’s awareness of the rule of law.Third, promote the construction of shengsi by law.Of all the county comprehensive governance in accordance with the county committee for the third time (expand) conference, complete the county bureau of natural resources and planning bureau, the city ecological environment shengsi work to have a branch of the rule of law, establish the shengsi county township comprehensive reform pilot scheme “rule by law, make clear the county administrative normative documents and the major administrative decision-making work item inventory.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: