Party members and cadres took the lead in retrograde volunteer teams to come forward to fight against the epidemic in Taian High-tech Zone

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Taian hi-tech zone of north slope street jia and community youth volunteers on duty at the gate of the community (in figure) dragon for the public network, poster journalists Li Longyan correspondent reported on the dragon taian recently, taian high-tech zone to a group of “mortal hero” stand in the front line, resistance to disease, they bear the responsibility and mission, bath fire refinement in the struggle for resistance to disease, tested,Protect the health and peace of the people.In Jiahe Community, Beijipo Street, Taian High-tech Zone, a volunteer team composed of young people is carrying out epidemic prevention and control work in an orderly manner. Everyone is working together, cooperating and helping each other.Stationed at the gate of the village, young volunteers incarnation “goalkeeper” “advocate”, a day to measure temperature, check into the village staff health code and stroke code, registration of foreign staff basic information, remind people wearing masks, timely vaccination, publicize the policy for the epidemic prevention and control at the same time, the notice posted risk areas, with their own practical action to protect residents’ health and safety.Embodiment in nucleic acid detection, youth volunteers “order” to “help”, dressed in a red waistcoat shuttle in the testing line, maintain order, prepare patience guide residents, enthusiastic help won’t use smart phones the elderly input information, with practical action to bear devotion, ensure the safe, orderly and efficient for nucleic acid detection work.In the face of the epidemic, young volunteers have actively participated, acted responsibly, and built an “iron wall” of community epidemic prevention and control with a strong sense of responsibility and mission, contributing “youth power” to epidemic prevention and control.In Taian High-tech Zone Liangzhuang town, where the prevention and control front line, where the party branch will be built.Since the confirmed COVID-19 cases were found in Liangzhuang Town, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Tai ‘an city and the Organization Department of Tai ‘an Municipal Committee of the CPC rushed to Liangzhuang town to provide support. The Tai ‘an High-tech Zone also urgently mobilized the key forces of the district direct organs, Tai ‘an High-tech Development Group Co., Ltd. and Tai ‘an High-tech Construction Group Co., Ltd. to the frontline of epidemic prevention and control.Public security, traffic police, fire protection and medical staff, volunteers and militia rushed to Liangzhuang Town and set up a working group in the village together with the cadres of each baocun in Liangzhuang Town to discuss the situation and study the deployment of the work in the village, providing a strong organizational guarantee for the prevention and control of the epidemic.The working group in the village also divided the staff into groups, defined the job responsibilities, work content, shift leaders, duty hours, etc., carried out comprehensive elimination of the virus in the market and key areas of the village, went to the village to learn about the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work in detail, strengthened inspection and publicity in the village, and strictly closed the loopholes in the control.Since March 26, the residency working group will set up temporary party branch in succession, condensed in the forefront of the epidemic prevention and control the red forces play a role of “battle fortress of the party branch and the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, the party branch and party members stand in the front,” war “on a line, do key link with party a, have a party with a critical moment.At the same time, Fangcun actively mobilized Party members and party membership activists to join the volunteer service team and cooperate with town and village staff, police, and medical staff to carry out epidemic prevention and control work.Up to now, more than 600 Party members and activists have responded to the call and reported to the village, taking the initiative to maintain order, be on duty, publicity and guidance, further strengthening the force of epidemic prevention personnel and easing the pressure of epidemic prevention and control.In addition, many caring enterprises and people also lent a helping hand, sending instant noodles, masks, protective clothing, disinfectant and other supplies, practicing social responsibility with practical actions and contributing to the fight against the epidemic.On March 25, Shandong Wenhe Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. sent masks, daily necessities and other supplies to Jiaojiu community in Beijipo Street;On March 28, Lecchen supermarket chain and Yebo RT-Mart donated mineral water, instant noodles and other supplies to the front-line workers in Beijipo street;Fangcun received 100,000 masks, more than 20 boxes of disinfectant and more than 200 boxes of fruits, vegetables, instant noodles and other daily necessities donated by all walks of life and caring enterprises.As of March 28, 124 volunteer service organizations (teams) and 3,193 volunteers had participated in the epidemic prevention and control in Tai ‘an High-tech Zone, effectively guaranteeing the services for residents and contributing a strong volunteer force to fight and win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.