Online hearings help “face to face” to break down barriers

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A few days ago, A decoration company in Beijing will more than 30 thousand yuan transfer to the victim Wang’s wife Ma’s bank account.”We have worked out a comprehensive and diversified assistance plan for the ma family. In the next step, we will cooperate with relevant departments to provide them with psychological, educational, employment and medical assistance to help them get out of trouble as soon as possible.”Shandong Liaocheng Procuratorate eighth procuratorial department director Guo Yuhong said.In January 2021, Wang was killed.Liaocheng Procuratorate in the review of the case, found that the defendant did not compensate wang’s family members, at present, Wang’s wife Ma, parents and two young children living in trouble.In November 2021, Liaocheng Procuratorate to assist Ma to apply for judicial rescue fund 40,000 yuan.In the process of judicial assistance, Ma mentioned her husband Wang was working in Beijing, the foreman Xue is still in arrears of more than 30,000 yuan of labor fees, Wang’s family repeatedly to Xue failed.After learning of this situation, the contractor prosecutor Liu Xiaohui helped Wang’s family contact Xue in the first time, fixed the relevant evidence of unpaid wages, and transferred the clue to Beijing Fengtai District Procuratorate.Fengtai District Procuratorate received clues immediately after verification, further improve the evidence, according to Ma’s application to start support prosecution procedures.As a result of xue mou economic difficulty, cannot pay the labor service fee of Wang Mou, but during he contracts project of some decoration company in Beijing, this company detains Xue Mou hundreds of thousands of yuan guarantee gold, still did not expire according to the agreement.Subsequently, Fengtai District Procuratorate and Beijing decoration company, Xue mou consultation and communication, and finally by the company from the detention of xue mou quality guarantee money to draw more than 30,000 Yuan Dynasty Xue mou to repay labor costs.Due to the epidemic, on January 25, 2022, fengtai District Procuratorate and Liaocheng Procuratorate decided to jointly hold an online public hearing on ma and Xue’s labor contract dispute supporting prosecution case.Through online “face to face” exchange, Ma mou and Xue, a decoration company in Beijing reached a settlement, signed a settlement agreement, a decoration company in Beijing will be paid through online remittance to ma’s bank account.Source: Procuratorial Daily