He accompanied his wife on night duty

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In their successful end of the driving team that night, because the night shift can not go to the artillery regiment with her husband over the weekend Li Xinjie, after dinner early went to bed.She was going to get up for the night shift in a few hours, but she couldn’t get to sleep.Half a month has not met with his husband, to his thoughts stirred her from day to night all antsy.Almost every day, especially during the last two or three days, she had fancied that he would suddenly appear before her.So, whether she was on duty in the ward or back in the dormitory, as soon as she heard the sound of a car outside, she would run out to check.Her spirits sank to their lowest ebb when she saw outside the window that it was getting dark, and that the day’s expectations had once again failed.”I have been working overtime for the past two weeks, so I can’t go to the artillery regiment for vacation.Why hasn’t he come to see me for so long, or even called?Without any information for more than ten days, had he forgotten me?No, he’s not! ‘Her mind went on and on.”But it was impossible for him to be so affectionate as he used to be without contacting me for so long…What the hell is going on here?There must be something wrong.”She could not help thinking, lying alone in bed, ‘Is he ill?Probably not.If he had been ill, he would have come to the hospital to see a doctor…Was there an accident when he led the team out?”Think of this, Li Xinjie could not help but surprised to sit up.Just then, someone knocked at the door.”Who is it?”It’s me!She, who had been listless until now, cheered up at the familiar sound.She quickly got out of bed and opened the door. “What took you so long?” she asked in surprise.”Our training team just finished this afternoon.I thought you were gonna run to the battery today.But I waited till it was dark, and you were nowhere to be seen.So I improvised a car and ran here.”Ju Xiaoding did not wait to finish the words, they can not wait to embrace her into the arms.”How come I haven’t heard anything from you for so long?I thought you’d forgotten about me…”Li Xinjie small voice blame blame road.”How can that be?I haven’t kissed you enough. How could I forget you?””Then why haven’t you come to see me for two weeks?””I’ve even dreamed of coming.However, these days, students graduation exam, I really can not get away.Otherwise, I would have been here long ago.”Ju xiaoding retorted, “Why didn’t you come to my place last Sunday?””You think you’re the only one busy, and everyone else is doing nothing?Recently, the hospital of our division organized medical teams to visit troops, but very few of them stayed at home.I have to work overtime almost every day.I’ve just finished the day shift and it’s my turn to work the night shift…””Is that so?I’ll be on duty with you tonight.””You’re on the night shift with me?This is wonderful!”Li Xinjie kissed him happily.Although she had been a soldier for more than six years, she had stood on countless night shifts and had taken countless night shifts.But nothing of the timid nature of the girl had changed in her.When it was her turn to work the night shift alone, making ward rounds in the dark, she wanted someone by her side.And in the dead of night, any sound from her surroundings would bring her into a cold sweat.So the night shift was the most frustrating thing for her.Although she wanted her husband to accompany her on the night shift, she could not bear to think of him as a sleepyhead, and felt sorry to say, “If not, you’d better stay home and sleep.””I can’t sleep in bed alone anyway.You had better let me go with you.”Of course the wife was glad to see her husband so considerate.It’s a little strange, if you will.When they were first introduced to each other, both of them more or less reluctantly agreed to meet each other because of the kindness of their leaders.At that time, Ju xiaoding was in the shadow of his unrequited love bubble, and lacked passion for finding a girlfriend.And she, five years younger than him, is not interested in early love.What’s more, the boyfriend she was introduced to was far from the prince charming in her imagination, no matter how good-looking he was or what he did.Although they were deeply attracted by each other’s simplicity when they first met, due to the restrictions of traditional concepts, army discipline and surrounding environment, they did not make love like other lovers, and even had a long relationship, without any intimate behavior.However, ever since their official union, the two have been totally fused and can’t be separated for a moment.They met on weekends with an inseparable intimacy that colleagues would envy.And the listlessness with which they were separated for long periods of time was seen with a mixture of sympathy and amusement by those about them.As the clock struck midnight, they arrived punctually at the nurse’s office to take over their duties.After ju xiaoding accompanied his wife to inspect the ward once, the two men sat lovingly opposite each other and whispered to each other.In the middle of the night, Li Xinjie love her husband busy day one day, evening to accompany their night shift, so could not help but ask again: “you now sleepy not sleepy?Why don’t you go back and get some sleep?”Ju Xiaoding, who spends more and less time together with his wife, finally had the opportunity to accompany his wife on the night shift.He saw her sitting quietly beside him in her white gown, which in itself was the best kind of rest, and he was not willing to leave alone.Similarly, today is the most relaxed night shift that Li Xinjie has ever had since she became a nurse.She in the company of her husband, not only did not have the past kind of difficult feeling, but also feel that time flies, inadvertently arrived at the shift time.(to be continued)