Have you tasted the taste of this year?There are two days

2022-06-08 0 By

Now the flavor is more and more tasteless, why?I could not understand the strong contrast between the impulse to go home before the Chinese New Year and the boredom after coming home. Every time I went home was for this inexplicable impulse, which may be a kind of brand from my childhood, and may also be a can.When I was a child, there were some activities, such as twisting a Yangko.Walking on stilts, beating drums’ very lively, now is a bit boring, now because everyone busy also don’t know what are busy?But he looks very busy.I was just thinking everyone was bored.But they don’t change the way or the way they like. Why?I personally feel that people like to submit to a lot of people will think that others will not like, now it is rich in material, ideological ridge is simple.”This is how I feel when I look at the Chinese New Year, and also how I feel when I appreciate the insipid idea that nian is a very important festival.In two days the year will be over and work will begin.I believe that everyone who works will feel the stimulation of the New Year. I tell you, your work is your work, and life is different.It is a part of life, certainly a large part of it, since it is a part of it contains joy, anger, sorrow, joy, we only learn to enjoy it we can better work that is a better life, life can not be like 40 years old man New Year is a holiday but what?It’s no fun, work and life can be simple, because often a high quality of life is just as delicious as a high quality ingredient when simply prepared.Here with your mutual encouragement!