Finally, this painting was chosen!Haidian girls in this way for the Winter Olympics help

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Li Zihan, a child from Jiaoda Jiayuan Community, Beixiaguan Street, won the third prize in the “Children painting winter Olympics” Beijing youth and children’s painting competition held by Beijing Women’s Federation.The winner is the All-China Women’s Federation of families and children work, sponsored by the Chinese women’s children’s museum “children meet the games” the 2nd national children’s painting selected, 2022 works from the national 31 provinces, in December 2021 – February 2022 women and children in China museum and museum.Li Zihan has been fond of painting since she was a child. A piece of paper, a leaf, a vacant lot, a blackboard, wherever she can draw, she can’t help but want to create something on it.Flowers and grass, family and friends, cartoon characters, fairy tales, anything interesting is her best material for creation.”With the Winter Olympics approaching, I’ve always wanted to add something to the Games in my own way, and this’ Kids Paint the Winter Olympics’ Beijing Youth painting competition just provided me with the opportunity.”To this end, Li Zihan thought about many subjects and designed many drafts, and finally chose this painting.Bring about winning entries according to Li Zihan want this painting reflects the winter ice and snow sports and modern technology combined with the picture in the top right corner of the logo is the significance of the Beijing Olympics emblem “winter dreams” the arrival of the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing in the middle a girl like an astronaut wearing a has the sense of science and technology of the helmet embodies the winter ice and snow sports and modern science and technology feeling to flow the bright line of symbolThe ice and snow sports track and 5G intelligent expressway symbolize the youth striving for progress,Efforts to explore the future of endless possibilities with beautiful background echo each other at a distance of cranes and magnificent ancient Chinese express the world civilization exchange mutual learning, the concept of harmonious development together to create a more inclusive, have the love of the world for the Beijing games are actively guide district women’s federation of women’s organizations at all levels to carry out the rich activities encourage haidian families and children meet the games, power games, participate in winterThrough the online campaign “Women volunteers run dance the Winter Olympics” and the winter Olympics volunteer service training to stimulate the enthusiasm of women volunteers and families to contribute to the winter Olympics city volunteer service collection “Together for the Future” video work aroused the enthusiasm of women, children and families to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics”Winter Olympics themed knowledge online prize competition to encourage more women and families to understand the Winter Olympics, promote the Winter Olympics culture, promote the winter Olympics, let’s go!Reporter: Wu Yanying contributed photo: District Women’s Federation editor: Han Jinting Responsible editor: Wei Ying