“City of Light” : “against the original heart to choose love” Duranxin, why was injured homeless

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Article | buildings you my true love is: rich life, is a jewelry and perfume, is tea, is a ball, is the lover of romance.This is the true love pursued by Duranxin in City of Lights.She is a girl of a rich family, who has enough to eat and wear and leads a comfortable life.She wanted a marriage that would provide her with the security of a rich life, and even more.She never objected to family marriage.It would be the icing on the cake if the object of marriage were better in appearance.The marriage of the Du and the Rong is a union of the strong.Duranquin was more than happy.Let every big business, Rongjia is the eldest son, let the heir of the family, or superior appearance.She was filled with joy.Rongjia heart belongs to, there is no space for her, the engagement agreement was signed under the stress of Rongdingkun.She didn’t care. It was never about junga.After the engagement, Rongjia on his sweetheart Feng Shizhen how good, she does not care.She is just in front of the outsiders to give enough Rongjia face, they are the eyes of the outsiders love little lovers, she took their rich life.She met Yang xiucheng on the train when she went to hangzhou to attend a classmate’s wedding.Yang Xiucheng, one of Rong dingkun’s minions, went into Yang’s box.Since then, her eyes have never left Yang Xiucheng.Yang Xiucheng became the exception to her pursuit of a rich life, because Yang Xiucheng is really a poor boy, can not leave the Rong family, also can not stand out in the Rong family.She told Yang xiucheng to leave the Rong family and go to the Du family. Follow her and she will keep him safe.But he wouldn’t.He went to the Dujia, he did not know what identity to go to, Such as Nuo is not a son-in-law, dujia no more than to give him a manager to do, and will worry that he is the rong family spy, will not reuse him.He demanded that she break off her engagement with Jonka and marry him.But she didn’t want to.She did not want to elope with him, hard to do twenty years of filial piety, came to the head, leaving a steady hand of inheritance and man to elope penniless, she did not want to.She would not break off the engagement.She and Rongjia on the engagement is signed a contract, she should break the contract, dowry return do not say, the two signed a variety of agreements will be void.Her family’s gonna have to pay for it.When she does, her reputation as a money-loser will be confirmed.Although she met someone who made her heart beat, she still couldn’t go against her original intention and chose “the true love of a rich life”.She got pregnant by accident.Rongjia knows her relationship with Yang Xiucheng from beginning to end, and he doesn’t care.As long as she doesn’t take the goods into the room, let him do cheap Lao Tzu.Yang Xiucheng because of yu Zhihui and let the home away from the heart, has been excluded by let Dingkun.He even stole rongjia’s women, but in honor he was a loyal dog of the Rong family.Yang xiucheng denied that his promise to “have a child with her and a future with her” was a passing remark.When the baby came, he said he wasn’t ready, he came too soon.The tears she had held back for so long began to roll down.She walked off, gritting her teeth: never get emotional about such things as men.At that moment, she had never been more convinced that love is a life of abundance.She was wiping tears when she was suddenly turned back.Yang Xiucheng excitedly said: I will be responsible, we give birth to the child, I will take you away as soon as possible.Her full of grievances by the man’s brief words hit the smoke.She hid it from her family and from her family, letting a little life take root and sprout in her stomach.Allow Dingkun hashimoto masan invited to attend an auction, set up a switch hashimoto Masan collection of warring States golden Kirin.She attended as Yung Chia Shang’s fiancee, while Yang Xiucheng attended as Yung Dingkun’s right-hand man.Meng Xu ‘an how to let rongdingkun set the bureau smooth success, he did not put rongDingkun was uncomfortable.He ordered his men to shoot at Junga, and there was Pandemonium.Yang xiucheng escorted her out of the venue, and though they did not encounter the assassin, they were jostled by the frantic crowd.She had an accident when someone elbowed her in the abdomen.According to the original, she didn’t think much of it at first.By the time they had escaped, before they could enjoy the joy of their survival, Duranham felt a growing pain in her stomach and warm fluid running down her thighs.Yang Xiucheng took her to the hospital, the doctor told them, the child is not good.If you want to keep it, you have to keep it.Yang Xiucheng took her to the hospital was seen by reporters, she was pregnant from du, Rongjia no matter how good to talk, or will not recognize the child.Her eyes were burning with a desperate determination to leave as soon as possible, or her father would never let her see Yang Xiucheng again.However, Yang xiucheng hesitated.The doctor said, because of your previous medication, the child was not well developed, and now it is injured, I am afraid it can not be born.I think we should just get rid of the baby.You don’t have to leave your house right now.She was not the kind of woman who would go overboard with love.She had hesitated for a long time about choosing The Rong family or Yang Xiucheng.In the end, it was only with this child that she decided to choose love.Now she was bewildered.Questioned Whether Yang Xiucheng regretted.Yang xiucheng dismissed her by saying, “You are the daughter of a rich family. It is not worth suffering with me.”She hated herself.Why did I think his indecision was gentle, his cowardice polite, his coldness a secret of affection for myself?Many young people resist arranged marriage and want to pursue freedom and love.In the past, when she saw others marry poor boys for freedom, she did not think so and firmly chose a rich life.She wanted love now, but love was harder to find than riches.When her pregnancy was in the papers, Master Du scolded her and asked Mrs. Du to take her to surgery.I don’t need surgery.Du saw the newspaper for the first time when angry, gave her a slap in the face.She fell to the ground, her stomach aching.She had a miscarriage that afternoon.The Du family said she was injured at the auction and sent her on a boat to Hong Kong.He breathed a sigh of relief when the news came that she had miscarried.I was afraid to visit her, and it all ended on bad terms.When Junga took her for a friend, he agreed to her brother’s request to break off the marriage.He transferred the dowry to her name, hoping for a better life for her.He even put her on a boat.She knew that Rongjia shang was a good man, but she was not blessed.Her original intention is to pursue a rich life, love love is not worth mentioning to her.Until she met her enchanted Yang Xiucheng, accidentally had a child, she was willing to give up the original heart, choose love.Unfortunately, she fell in love with the wrong man.A woman should know how to be cruel some duran xin choice beginner’s heart, pursue riches and honour life.She met Yang Xiucheng, the heart began to become soft, there are obstacles, but also have expectations for the future.She was able to hold on to her original intention with a little hardness, until the arrival of a child made her unable to resist the arrival of this new life.Yang Xiucheng that sentence “we raise the child together” completely her beginner’s mind disintegrated ice elimination, she gave up beginner’s mind, ran to Yang Xiucheng.Forget his own cruel heart.Because she did not have the cruel heart, lost the umbrella, the child became the person she needed to protect.Therefore, when Yang Xiucheng proposed not to have the child first, she was just like a hedgehog that had been pulled out of its thorns. Her whole body ached and she lost protection.She lost not only a love, but also the support and trust of her family.Just finished the qing Palace operation, sitting in the wheelchair can not get up, she, the whole person pale hair blue, look wilted, with the former bright young woman is very different from two people.When she went to Hong Kong, there was only an old maid and a nurse to accompany her. Even her own mother refused to come and relieve her.She was a failure in exile.All this was due to her lack of heart.When Yang Xiucheng didn’t want to go to Du’s, she should have thought that he didn’t love her as much as he said.When she told Yang Xiucheng had a child, Yang Xiucheng is not willing to and the rong family hesitate, she should be ruthless to part ways with him.In love, a woman should be cruel.Be cruel to men, and be cruel to yourself.If you find that a man is not wholehearted to you, not true to each other, then why should you put away your own cruel heart, tender to treat him, repeatedly forgive him.That is the biggest love of their own.May every woman be gentle, and may every woman know how to treat each other in love, protect themselves.