Salute the court personnel on the front line of epidemic prevention and control

2022-06-07 0 By

Spring came late, the epidemic harried, the whole nation rose to resist.A group of people from the court have been at the forefront of epidemic prevention and control despite hardships.No rhetoric, only responsibility, commitment, responsibility and dedication.It is they who, with their dedication and dedication, gathered glimmers of light at the starting point, contributed to the judicial power and built a solid “iron wall” against the epidemic.This spring was destined to come late, and the epidemic came quietly.Everything in this city has to hit the pause button.Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.The whole people rose up to resist, a war of resistance without smoke of gunpowder has begun.No matter where you come from, no matter who you are, there are no spectators here.Cold wind blowing day, snow flying night, prevention and control at the right time.Alternate day and night, 24 hours on duty, is your fearless and brave silent persistence.What did it matter if the wind froze your hands, if the snow soaked your feet, if the cold swept through your body and soul?What fear of wind and snow?Snow or snow.Your figure quietly standing in the snow night, your figure in the snow fighting high.What you can do is just a stick, what you do is just the most beautiful retrograde before the crisis.Clank you hear this oath: I am the boss, I first!I’m a party member, I go first!I’m a soldier! I’ll go first!I’m young! I’ll go first!I know this place. I’ll go first!The epidemic will not retreat, I will not retreat!You are not a hero, but a hero.You’re just an ordinary court man.Whose husband or son or father are you?Whose wife, whose daughter, whose mother are you?No one answered.Which one of you is not the breadwinner?Which of you is not the treasure of home care?Young children and weak parents do not need company.Because the responsibility is on the shoulders.There is no choice.No matter how frightening things are, we must face them bravely. No matter how dangerous things are, we must fight against them.You have to be responsible. You have to carry your mission.It is your duty to keep the residents safe;Guard the lights of thousands of homes is your dream;Watching the blue sky and white clouds is your ardent expectation.You have no magnificent and victorious feat, you have only silent guard, you only insist, adhere to, and then tough.What I bring to others is a warm current of love and the accumulation of strength to overcome the epidemic.Why do I always have tears in my eyes?Because I love this land so much…What quietly moistens my eyes?It’s you, the snowstorm court man.Hats off to you!Hard work!The pace of spring has been near, inverted cold can not block the pace of spring forward.Winter snow to add a shift is nothing, stick to the end is the clouds dispersed, ice and snow melt, spring, sunny that day will soon come.The epidemic is not completely over, and adherence is still continuing……Common expectation: Come on!Must win!