Read Xi Murong monologue feeling

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Xi Murong said in his Monologue: “In a look back, I suddenly realized that all my efforts in my life were only for the satisfaction of people around me.In order to win others’ approval and smile, I fearfully put myself into all the patterns, all the shackles.When I was halfway out of my trip, I just looked fuzzy and had a way to go back.The life of each of us is also generally so, from the birth, it is doomed to our life is to pursue, money, fame, status, all kinds of material and vanity outside.Very few people can live a free and easy, detached life.Our Chinese culture is extensive and profound. From the moment we were born, we speak of the goodness of human nature at the beginning, and also preach that life is one, life is two, two gives birth to three, three gives birth to all things.This also shows that the heart is greedy, but also the pursuit and demand, which is doomed to us have endless trouble and pain.In fact, I always know the truth, also know the meaning, but to achieve it is really difficult.Sometimes I always dream that if I have a few hundred million, all the confusion will be solved. I think maybe it is, or maybe not, and I may fall into deeper anxiety.According to Zhuangzi, the frog in the well should not talk about the sea, and the summer insect should not talk about the ice. The reason is that the frog in the well should not talk about the sea with it because its vision is limited by its narrow dwelling place.Do not speak to the worm of summer about ice and snow, for its vision is conditioned by the season.His anxiety is perhaps because vision is not quite open, the cause of pattern is not big!In my life, I had a similar discussion with my friends. She always said that I was too persistent, thinking too much and worrying too much.She may be right, she may be flawed.He who has not suffered knows not the pain of others.Perhaps it is because of the shadow left by too many mishaps in my childhood, I always lack a sense of security in my heart and always want to have more, so that I can get a moment of peace in my heart.Sometimes I think that saving for a rainy day is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps it is with such an idea that I can make myself work harder and fight harder.I often think that I belong to the kind of people with sky-high heart and paper-thin life. I always dream of having all the possibilities, but I lack a lot of action.In his works, Wang Mingyang repeatedly stressed that the most important thing to conscience is the unity of knowledge and action, but he did not seem to achieve it.To know is one thing, to do is another, and to do is more important than to know.This may be the common fault of many of us now, planning, ideal, dream can have, but the most important is the lack of practical action ability, always thinking of the pie in the sky.But even if it does fall, we have to be able to catch it.In fact, such views and cases everywhere, I do not need to repeat.Sometimes I think that the biggest difference between humans and animals is that people can think differently about things, and they can constantly review and reflect, and continue to learn in this process.Similarly, wishing to have beautiful things is everyone’s ideal and pursuit, and there is nothing wrong with that.What matters is what we give in the process of pursuing, and when our efforts are rewarded, we feel happy in our hearts and feel that everything in the world is beautiful.Most of the time, we’re stuck in a rut, shackling ourselves with a million things.Sometimes I wonder, what are we pursuing all our lives?The length of life, or the width of life?I was puzzled because I couldn’t give myself a definite answer.I searched hard, searched up and down, in the end is still like a nameless dust.It is not an easy thing to think about how to write your life with only thirty thousand days in it.Life is a book, the cover is given by parents, the content is written by yourself.The thickness may not be completely decided by myself, but the degree of excellence is created by myself. As for how many people read, it depends on how many people can be influenced, how many people can be respected and how many people can be achieved.Do not forget the original aspiration, hard work, appropriate bow, confused, with the best attitude to do the best yourself!