“I do practical things for the masses” Ba Ling police station: patrol on the way to find the missing girl police quickly find its family

2022-06-07 0 By

On February 15, 2022, The Baling Police Station of Xingren Municipal Public Security Bureau successfully helped the lost girl find her family by using surveillance videos and the “three Micro channels and one Perception” police wechat group.At around 13:00 on the same day, the bailing police station was on regular patrol in the area. When the car came to Tun Bai Highway, it found a three-year-old child walking in the middle of the road, and has been crying, no parents accompanied.The police stopped the car immediately and asked, but the child was too young to remember his home address and parents’ names.In order to ensure the personal safety of the little girl, the police brought the little girl back to the Ba Ling police station, and organized the police to carry out the investigation.At the same time, the photo of the little girl was sent to the police assistant work group. After searching for and carrying out work in many ways, the police finally contacted the family of the little girl and informed her father to pick up the child at the police station.After verifying the identity of the little girl’s father, the police will give the little girl to her father to bring home, and told the child’s father must take care of the child, in case he gets lost again.Wang mou saw her daughter safe and sound, repeatedly thanked the police, and said that the future must look after her daughter.Author: He Wenlang Editor: Fang Jiaju Review: Liu Lifang