Black red AJ1 with height of 4cm is really new!Little sister put on legs so long!SNKRS will be available tomorrow morning

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Today, the black and red Air Jordan 1 is too different from what we think. It is not too much to call it “the most unique Air Jordan 1 in history”.In the past two years, Jordan Brand has played various tricks with this classic color theme. There are more and more black and red Air Jordan 1 versions.Early this year, the Patent black Red Air Jordan 1 “Bred” had just been issued, and I brought these black red Air Jordan 1 Elevated Low.▼ Xiaobian specially for this double drawing an illustration in advance of tomorrow’s sale, to bring you to open the box + on the foot show, DID not expect the editorial department little sister on the foot effect is actually good!As one of the first colors of Air Jordan 1, the popularity of black and red is needless to say.The first color of Air Jordan 1 Elevated Low was the most classic black and red, providing an OG choice for girls who loved to wear AJ.The design adds many new elements on the basis of Air Jordan 1 Low. The most unique one is the super high sole with full identification.Xiaobian deliberately measured, the thickness is at least 4 cm, the effect of this increase girls really can not refuse.The upper is made of soft and high-quality leather material, which can feel the outstanding texture of the leather surface from the vision alone. It retains part of the soul and essence of yuannian, and restores the taste of black and red Air Jordan 1 as much as possible.The heel of the original Wings logo has been changed to a simple version, with only stitches to outline the silhouette, adding more imagination.Built-in air-sole Air cushion unit adds a certain degree of comfort, comfortable cushioning experience.In detail, cork insole is also featured, with only black and red insole emblazoned with MJ dunk.The black-and-red color scheme also comes with a gold Jumpman metal chain, which adds luxury to the whole pair.In addition to black and red, there are two earth color schemes, highlighting the retro grey and white and vibrant yellow and white, although the style is different, but not less versatile, bringing more wear options.Finished looking at the material unpacking, the key is still the effect of this pair of shoes on the foot, see the editorial department of the little sister brought four sets of wear show!The first set of sports street style, light gray Jordan hoodie + black Jordan leg pants is the basic formula you can’t go wrong.The black and red Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low at your feet is the finishing touch.The second set is for summer. After all, winter is almost over. Can summer be far behind?Those of you in the South will soon be able to.The thick Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low can also significantly lengthen the legs, making it not only taller but also a leg-lengthening device.The third set of sports fashion mix wind, light gray Jordan hoodie + light stripe wide leg pants, shoes choose white gray color more retro temperament.This set of high tolerance of the figure, whether fat or thin can control, all the shortcomings of the figure covered, is now girls wear shoes more mainstream wear one.The fourth suit is still a mix and match, with a light yellow Jordan hoodie to match the white and yellow Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low underfoot.Warm color wear has been favored by many girls, feel Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low both Air Jordan 1 Low versatile, and is endowed with stronger fashion attributes.Are many boys tempted by the foot effect?Unfortunately, the Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low is designed for women.The Black And Red Air Jordan 1 Elevate Low will be available on SNKRS at 9am tomorrow, February 18th for sale at RMB 1049.Other matching colors will be released in the near future, like the little sister can pay more attention to it recently!