Using F1 technology, the Mercedes-AMG SL43 made its debut

2022-06-06 0 By

Recently, overseas media exposed a group of Mercedes -AMG SL43 official pictures.The new car is an entry-level version of the new AMG SL-class, with the same convertible sports car styling and tweaked exterior details.The powertrain will be replaced with a 2.0-ton turbocharged four-cylinder engine.In terms of appearance, the OVERALL style of the AMG SL43 has not changed much. It still looks like a convertible sports car with a soft top and is equipped with an exaggerated AMG sports kit.However, compared with the previously released SL55 and SL63, there are minor adjustments to the vents at the bottom of the front face as well as the air inlet DAMS on both sides.At the same time, the tail of the bilateral four exhaust also changed from rectangle to oval.19-inch rims are standard and can be upgraded to 20 or 21 inches.The interior design has not changed much either. The 12.3-inch LCD full LCD meter is embedded in the wraparound screen and matches the air outlet of the front air conditioner with a simulated exhaust port, which makes it very sporty.The 11.9-inch touch screen has a built-in MBUX infotainment system and an adjustable tilt function to effectively avoid glare caused by direct sunlight.Powertrain, the AMG SL43 will be powered by a 2.0-ton turbocharged four-cylinder engine codename M139, equipped with an electronic exhaust turbocharger from an F1 car and a 48-v electrical system, with a maximum power of 284kW, peak torque of 480N·m, and an additional 10kW from the starter motor.It is matched by a nine-speed dual clutch gearbox.More information about the new car, car quality network will continue to pay attention to and report.